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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The great race

Been to see the man , getting high ,this is when it gets good .. So I see some of you are reading this , hope you don't think bad of me , I never intended it to be this way , had a perfect childhood , was never abused , never beaten up ( by my parent's ) , never considered myself to be a junkie , still don't , but i guess some path's stray .. I 'm happy with my lot , I mix sone of the world's best band's .. I work hard and play harder still , I don't bring this shit into the country , not a dealer not a pusher ( apart from myself ) , so don't think bad ... I guess I see my own life as a humen experiment into what we are capable of ... As the most intelligent species on the planet we have that right .. If ever I get down , I just remember that once ( before my birth ) , I took part in the most important race of my life and won ( me verses 40.000.000 other sperm ) , so if i can get thru that I think I can get thru anything ... We all did , but we seem to forget .. We are so fukin special it's just not funny ...

Wish I could remember that , it would have been an epic battle !

Gonna get higher still and chill ( i like to do that it's fun ) ....

Goodnight all

DOALCH signing off


Blogger stressqueen said...

Loving the you mind if I link to you in my sidebar?

5:01 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Be my guest babe !

7:27 pm  

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