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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Where's that fukin Cab ?

Nursing an incredibly bad hangover this morning , head feels like a bag of spanners . I think my brain went home in a cab a couple of hours before i did , actually I think it may have pulled a bird and stayed out ? , I'll give it a call . Far too many idiots out last night for my liking, some fucking prick wouldn't leave me alone , " got any coke mate , go on give me a line ?" , "fuck off doughnut , buy your own fukin snizz blagg boy " , " you only get free if either A. your fukin gorgeous , or B. your a mate , and your not so fuck off ", " yeah but go on mate ? " , " listen kid rearange this well know phrase or saying , OFF - FUCK " , fukin idiot.. " have a word with yourself mate " ..
Nearly clocked him ...

Bad bad bad head man !!!

On a good note , meeting some ladies for Sunday lunch , ( The WIV kensal ). Sunday Lunch , roast beef , Yorkshire puddings , gravy , plenty of wine and spotted dick to finish . I love being British , It really has it's moments .. Then it's home to watch a DVD and read the Sunday Times .... Luv it

Shit i'm really late

Where's is that fukin Cab ???


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