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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Day 1 recovery day

Today is recovery day always three day's off two days on ( so It seems ) , partied hard all over the Easter weekend then on Sunday chilled with a girlfriend C , drank wine snorted coke ... sort of fun really , she talked I listened , not a pleasent childhood by the sounds of it , poor thing , snorted more coke . We had danced all the previous night , just me and her and a pub full of pissheads , did'nt really give a fuck about who saw what was going on and neither did the pissheads ,fun night I think , C would be a great fuck , but I wouldn't go there !! too much past , and too good a friend I think... bumped into an old flatmate , one day kidda , you'll get yours ( bullying bastard ) but not today ,,, revenge is a dish best served cold I think , yeah man ! real fukin cold .

Off to recover ???

Skin up !!


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