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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Poetic justice

David Lynch says it all.

Sooo: Funny as fuck.

I rewind to my mate A getting kicked out of that party on New Years Eve.

The scene:

My mate A is really really pissed

I'm looking after him

I sit him down for ten minutes to sober up before I take him home


This twat took it upon himself to play bouncer. Basically he hovered over my mate A till he left.

His standard comment was: " leave now!!"

" leave now!!"

" leave now!!"

No butts

" leave now!!"

Bit of an intimidating fuck this guy ( some 20 year old who fancied the party hostess and was trying to make his mark by applying his weight? ) But...there you go.

We left before we kinda killed him.

He thought he was sooo fukin special.

Sooo special

so special?

So fukin what


Anyway... Went to work at the venue tonight and it soooo turns out this guy ( party kicking out guy ) is.... wait for it...

wait for it...


one of my new junior bar staff.


It went from ( in his head ) "That's that idiot who I kicked out of your party" (aren't I the hero)


OMG that's actually the guy who runs the club that I'm a nOOb bar person at.

Couldn't have set up the scene better if I'd tried.


I spent the whole night making ( naive 20 year old ) sweat his sorry little pants off.

Every time I approached him...

he shit bricks.


I loved every fukin minute

Poetic justice


And then some

I'm not one for revenge


It was sooo much fun

I guess the moral of the story is: If you wanna play games and stuff- just know


Just know

Just know who you're dealing with

good job I have absolutely no fukin conscience

wot so ever



love you all



Anonymous Anonymous said...

y'know,you write fuckin beautifully get the whole drift over perfectly.
i love reading your anecdotes.

6:15 am  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Why thanks.

4:11 pm  
Anonymous writer said...

You sound like a grade A prick and you write like one, too.

Try reading a book.

6:05 pm  
Blogger coma boy said...

Nice! Justice served!

1:30 pm  

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