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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Detour daughter .

Sooo: Remember I told you the story of the night I broke up with Bibi and stopped at the local pub to re-group, bumping into my mate C and his 22 year old stunning art student daughter in the process.

Well, I was having a couple of pints last night and in walks C again. With daughter in-tow.

Seemingly every Wednesday she does the gardening for a local Nunnery and then C and Daughter get pissed together at my local. I like C, he's just a totally worldly wise bloke and he's always good to have a crack on about life in general.

I like his daughter even more though!

Anyway it gets to 11:30 and daughter J says to me: " Would you mind walking me to the station?"

Of course I was only happy to oblige but... we never quite made it to the station? We kinda detoured... via my flat.

Where she stayed the night.

In my bed.

All good.

J is an exceptionally beautiful girl, I fancy the absolute pants off her. She could be my girlfriend any day of the week. She fancies me too, I can see it in her eyes. You know when you look at somebody and their pupils get sooo wide you feel like you can actually fall in and it makes you just wanna grab hold of the person and snog em.

It's a lot like that. In fact it is that.

Dangerously hot.

We literally couldn't keep our hands off each on the way to the station last night.

Thus the detour

But... She also has a boyfriend?


Never mind, let's just see what happens shall we?

So yeah J, ditch the boyf please, I kinda have plans for you pet lamb.

I've also just had a couple of property developers look at my landladies house. I'm kinda managing the sale at the moment and If these guys are interested, I'll get a pretty sizable finders fee from them. Plus the landlady still wants me to find her a London base and look after it while she returns to Ireland to live.

We'll just have to see what happens I guess?

Right, I have a band to engineer tonight in central London: So I'd better get my shit in gear.

Interesting food produce

So Mr Bush... You gonna invade all of these places as well? I think not mate.



Anonymous Liz said...

Art students are fun!

5:57 pm  
Blogger Lippy said...

*sigh* the problem with being a 40 something female isn't that you can't pull 20 yr old blokes, trust me you can, a 40 something bird in good nick can pretty much pick em. The problem is, you don't fancy them.............tragic.

7:24 pm  
Blogger Turtle said...

"Where [J] stayed the night."

As if anyone that reads this blog didn't see that one coming. Kudos.

10:45 pm  
Blogger Nobody Girl said...

Ha, spot on Turtle.

Congrats on the naughtiness Mr Cokehead ;)

11:06 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Ha, you lot are funny!

1:02 am  

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