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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Space ( or lack of it ) the final frontier.

Sooo: I'm in the house with a load of mixing and other stuff to do for the label, but... I've been completely brought to a halt due to the fact that all my hard drives are full to the brim??

I can't believe that I've actually got just under a terabyte of storage and it's all bloody full?

Gawd knows what we used to do five years ago?

I've ordered a further 500gig drive, but it won't be here until Saturday, so I'm just gonna have to try and crack on with a G5 running on 3 cylinders. I was doing an advert for DJ mag this morning and it literally took 4 hours to do a 10 min job?

Photoshop was sooo slow and kept quiting without saving any sodding preferences, so I would have to restart to free up hard drive space then redo all the preferences and try to do a little bit of work before the program zapped all the available HD space on the startup drive and quit again?


Never mind, once the new drive arrives I'll consolidate all my itunes library ( the real problem at around 80gig on the startup drive ) onto the new drive and free up a load of space.

Till then I'm pretty fucked really!

And... I have stuff to do.

More 'Flight of the Conchords' Albi the racist dragon.

I can't believe the police have shut down OiNK. probably the best place to discover new music on the face of the planet. Can't the BPI and the major record labels get it into their thick heads that sites like these are actually good for the music industry. And... the police really should know better than devoting all their time and resources just to ( supposedly ) make these already stinking rich companies ( mainly rich from ripping off artists ) even richer??? When in doubt: bite the hand that feeds??

Super fast Tertris... This guy needs to get laid.


Never... speed in a time machine.



Blogger the_smithers said...

Your blog is the best one on the net. Keep it up mate!

10:07 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Why thank you Smithers ole bean

12:47 am  

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