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Thursday, October 25, 2007

A heartwarming fox story ( For all to read )

Soooo: It's official, my life has come to a complete standstill due to lack of hard disk space and therefore as a result I've resigned myself to sending Bibi virtual stuff on Facebook and watching episodes of 'Lucy the daughter of the devil' and 'The Bionic woman' ??

Has it really come to this?


The new venue speakers arrive Tuesday. Obviously bugger lugs here will have to fit them. No mean task at 30ft up in the venue roof for someone who suffers from vertigo? I'm not scared of heights, it's just that I get the 'Dizzy as fuck lemming effect' when subjected to them?

What else: Oh yeah, a fukin urban fox has made it his business to use my car roof as it's own personal bloody toilet thus leaving me a nice little present to clean up every morning??

Little bugger...time to invest in an air rifle meethinks. Or... I wonder if 'Silent Roar' works on foxes ?

Reminds me of my first encounter with death when a farmer in the village where I grew up appeared from nowhere as we all gathered around a cute little fox caught up in a barbed wire fence then, as we watched with glee, proceeded to pull out a shotgun and blow the little buggers brains out all over the freshly covered snowy white landscape.

What a superb contrast the snow, the blood and the brains made on that cold, but strangely heart warming, winters morn.

Arrr the memories... the memories!

I digress ( for no apparent reason )

I forgot to mention the 'Health and safety for venues' meeting I had to attend the other day... funny that!

Last "Flight of the Conchords" vid ( before I bore the pants off you all ) : Inner city pressure.

Cocaine economics: It always amazes me a governments reaction to drug use, it's here, there's obviously huge demand, it ain't going away, therefore just legalise and tax it for crying out loud? If some people choose to lead a life of drugs debauchery, it's their life, so just leave them the fuck alone!

Obviously completely bloody mad?

Google moon

Right... cup of tea.



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