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Thursday, November 01, 2007

ipods and Dolphin pods ( You see what I did there? )

Sooo: I'm off to Istanbul for the weekend after playing Fabric tomorrow night, should be a good laugh, never been to Istanbul before ( Mind you: Never really fancied Turkey after watching Midnight Express a few years ago to be honest.)

I'll bring back some pics. Camera phone only mind you as my camera's fucked. Second one this year, both Nikon Coolpix , both with the same stuck lens problem. Wouldn't advise anyone to buy this Brand, the build quality is bollocks rubbish for the price??

OK what else: Oh yeah, somebody left an ipod in the venue about four weeks ago and never collected it.

Now it's mine... for the car.

Beats burning off CD's and having them skip as I go over bumps.

The four week venue lost and ( Not ) found rule: If it ain't collected within four weeks then it ain't obviously of any value to the owner and whoever finds it then gets to keep it.

Fair enough methinks.

Not fair enough seemingly for the guy who left a Brand spanking Macbook Pro ( A full-on top of the range and fully loaded model no less ) on a seat in the venue and then went away on holiday for six weeks hoping it would be still there on his return???

Errr... No!

Note to this idiot: Our venue is not a storage place for your electrical goods. If you knew it was there then you should have called to claim it? They do have phones and the internet ( for finding telephone numbers ) all over the world nowadays. The barman who found and then claimed it, sold it on Tottenham Court road mate ( not me.. But I wish it had been. )

And... don't try billing the venue for a new one, putting in a Petty claim and going for a court order ( as you did. ) Then... wondering why we don't let you back in the club you fukin numpty?

It was thrown out by the way ( just like him! )

People and their greater than thou egos eh!

I digress.

So yeah: Istanbul at the weekend. Back on Monday ( I think? )

This short film about Japanese dolphin slaughtering really got to me! This is a truly disgusting practice and should, in my opinion, be outlawed for good!

WARNING: Don't even think about watching this if you are of a nervous disposition! ( You have been warned! )


Skipping back to this summers gigs: The true story of why the sound on the main stages sounded so shit ( read: not loud enough ) at Glastonbury this year.

OK... Food and a nice bottle of wine.



Blogger Lippy said...

I'll wave as I drive past the queue outside Fabric!

10:08 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

I don't queue darling


11:48 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah evil breed the Japanese, school children watching 'benign and innocent beings' getting slaughtered.

Urr, but that's their culture, no?! The reason why the kids saunter past is because it is natural. Dolphin = fish = food for them so what?

Sanctimonious Americans preaching about animal love, get yer bloody camera over to Afghanistan where your own government is 'breaking international treaties' on human life!

Film the school children of Iraq walking past their bombed out school FFS!!

Cultural difference + Emotive music (was it Yanni? It was lovely)= tear jerker.

It looks nasty and I think they should probably create a more humane process, but then they have been doing that since before Mr Imac got his groovy Sony video camera. So they probably know what they are doing.

And the dolphins would not swim into the harbour if they were regularly getting slaughtered now would they?

'Fancy a trip in shore?'
'Not likely, you heard what they did to Bob last year?'


5:05 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bugger - looks like a good night at Fabric and I'm sufficiently geographically challenged to be unable to go.

Istanbul is ace; just leave your gak at home.


8:35 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...


1:32 am  

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