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Monday, November 05, 2007

Mr Blue Sky.

Taken 35,000ft above our little planet 9:30 sat morning:

I like the fact that it's always summer above the clouds.

Sooo: Back from Istanbul. Still in one piece. All good.

Fri we had a pretty good gig at Fabric, left at 2:30 am, went home and slept for a couple of hours, then off to Heathrow for a 7:30 am check-in.

I've discovered a brilliant way of avoiding the ( pretty extortionate at £18/day ) Heathrow airport parking fees. I've found a place two stops back from Heathrow on the Piccadilly tube line where you can park your car for free in a residential area. Then you just basically jump on the tube the rest of the way. It took a couple of hours of searching via the satellite imagery of Google maps, but well worth the time methinks. There are no road markings on the street either, so if I was going away for a week or so then I could easily leave the car no probs at all..

I digress.

So yeah, we landed in Istanbul at around 3pm ( Turkish time ), sound-checked at 5:30, I finished up while the band did an interview for MTV. Then off to the hotel for an hour, then out for food at this mad little Turkish restaurant complete with violin and bongo entertainment.

I couldn't believe just how packed the streets of Istanbul are on a Saturday night? I'd say as busy if not busier than New York??

Istanbul is also a huge place, I've never seen as many Mosques in my life. Well worth the visit if you ever get the chance.

Pretty buzzing club as well, kinda like a mini Fabric. The band rocked it completely and the crowd went off! I've got a feeling we'll be back there in the near future. Good hospitality as well. I can vaguely remember stumbling back to the hotel at around six in the morning with two bottles of wine, one bottle of vodka and a bottle of Jamesons whisky. Can't remember much else really.

Sorry bout the lack of pics: I completely forgot to take my camera phone to the club??

Woke up at around 12:30 with an absolute killer hangover!!

Back through the streets of Istanbul to the airport at around 3 pm and back to London for 7pm.

Managed to take this picture on the way back ( fucked it in photoshop ) I kinda like it tho?

Flying back over London I'm looking out of the plane window and London looks like a war zone with all these explosions going off everywhere???


Then I realise that of course, it's the night before Guy Fawkes night: Every bugger's setting off fireworks!

What an amazing site as we descended over London with big explosions everywhere. Superb!

Kinda looked a bit Blade Runner-ish.

Bet the Carbon fukin neutral, health and safety, pain in the arse do-gooders will try and ban fireworks and bonfires next???? You can kinda count on it nowadays!

Never mind... just enjoy it while it's still here I guess?

Anyway...back to London, dropped off the car and went down the local boozer for a couple.

Pretty good weekend all in all. Feel totally relaxed today so I'm having a day off doing bugger all.

All good.

Still waiting on this bloody hard drive tho??? Seemingly it's coming on Wednesday now? Won't be buying from that company again.

This is clever ( well actually not that clever as the guy got arrested? )

Rocky... Brilliant!

Right, cup of tea.



Blogger Lippy said...

It looks lovely - now I have Bosphorus envy!

Just been watching myself on DVD thinking, who is that demented old bat, oh it's me, oh dear!

5:02 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

I can't stand watching myself on anything. That's why I'm the sound engineer and not actually playing in the band.I hate doing interviews as well.

5:21 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I left my car in Hounslow once when I went flying off somewhere; came back to find it minus most of its windows. Maybe Hounslow's gone up in the world since then..? Nah.


9:50 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

I hear you, I made sure I found an area where the cars surrounding me looked way better then mine. Couple of Astons and Bm's = why the fuck would you steal mine? You gotta consider these things in London as you know.

10:26 pm  
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