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Monday, October 29, 2007

Rewiring the reviews

Sooo: Pretty uneventful weekend really, club Fri and Sat night was pretty busy, some guy got his head smashed in but, apart from that, nothing out of the ordinary really. The DJ even behaved himself? I suppose after last weeks events he's kinda got the message. Sunday I took myself for Sunday lunch and got pissed up with my mate C down the local and that's about it really.

Oh, nearly forgot, Bibi left me a note and some cash that I'd lent her at the pub ( behind the bar ). It kinda went along the lines of: Sorry for disastrously screwing things up...blah blah blah!!

I sent her a text saying: Got your note thx, still pretty ( read unbelievably ) fucking angry with your stupidity right now... But it helped. You take care care now Bibi x

She replied: Well I'm the one that has to live with it. After all I can't escape being me. Which is kinda shit. x

I didn't reply... I didn't see the point and I didn't wanna end up in some all day text-off where I eventually end up going round to see her, after the other night I've kinda seen enough and in my experience ( with some Australian bird I used to date ) that level of grief gets worse over time, to the point were you spend every fukin day walking on eggshells wondering how you're gonna get out of the relationship with your soul still intact.

I'm still pretty damn angry with her truth be told. Angry and sad at the same time.

Never mind eh!

Onwards and upwards.

Chin up and all that.

I think I'm gonna have to call up Sunday Paper art director gwirl, she's always up for a bit of no strings attached, off our heads, filthy fun?

Tomorrow I'll be at the venue installing the new speaker mids and stripping back the lighting DMX rig and rewiring , it's all gone a bit spaghetti up there after various new installations and I need the rewire to make sense of it all again.

My new hard drive delivery has been delayed till next Monday? Bit annoying cos it said in-stock when I ordered. Not really worth canceling it and going somewhere else, it'll take just take as long. Gonna have to wait I guess. I've shifted my entire Beatles collection ( 1.5gig ) off the system drive so at least I can get a bit of work done.

On a plus note our first compilation album for the label is getting some fantastic reviews. It's album of the week in no less then four pretty prominent music mags. Bit pleased with myself for that, partly because of the fact that I mixed it myself on Ableton live.

If ( just out of interest ) anyone of you has been wondering what ever happened to the new live venue we were building up in Canterbury, well it was abruptly brought to a halt over some council bullshit which I can't really be arsed to go into here. A new building is being sought, but suitable premises for that kind of thing are pretty hard to find, so we'll just have to wait and see?

Close... real close.

Penguin poking??

Common misconceptions



Blogger Nobody Girl said...

At least she realises she messed up . Probably a good thing you got out of it before it got really ugly :/

10:28 am  

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