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Friday, October 19, 2007

A stand-up evening!

A retrospective on life itself ( after a few!) entitled:

Boot, Bongo and piss weak Whisky
( underpinning a three quarter full pint of Stella (( later to be consumed by myself ! )) )

Sooo: I had the easiest nights work I think I've ever had last night.

What should have been the nightmare of mixing a live band on a fucked sound system by actually having to turn the band monitors towards the crowd, thus making up for the huge whole in the mid-range caused by the Saturday nights DJ's inability to hear properly, actually turned out to be a real easy ride.

I got to the venue and the promoter girl says to me: " Oh I forgot to book the band, so we've got a stand up comedian instead"

Thank gawd for that.

I set up one mic.

I've no idea where they found this comedian but he was possibly the worst stand-up I think I've ever seen, real bottom of the barrel shit. Absolutely terrible!

It got to 9:15 and the promoter gets up on the mic and announces: " OK everybody we're all going on a pub crawl if you'd like to come?"

And... Just like that the venue emptied.

Very very strange, very very strange indeed??

So I packed away the mic, the bar people shut the bar, I turned on the house lights and we all sat and got pissed.


Nights like that: Bring em on!

I'm baby sitting the poorly sound system tonight and tomorrow night. I guess I'll get to watch the Rugby Sat night on the big screen though.

I'm not really a rugby fan, but if it looks like England may actually win something: then I'm all for it??

Sunday I'm taking Bibi for Sunday lunch, then we're going for a long walk with the dogs in Richmond park.

Right: I'm hungry so I'm off out for some food.

Daft exam answers
: You've probably seen these before, but I still like them.

Very very cool ( If you look closely I'm sure the pilot downs a bird in the first few frames?)


Flight of the Concords: Foux De Fa Fa ( love it, love the whole show actually )



Blogger headphonesex said...

Flight of the Conchords is brilliant!

9:20 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Yeah, I love it too mate. Top stuff!

8:20 pm  

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