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Thursday, October 11, 2007

In Drum Kits

Sooo: Radiohead 'In Rainbows' What do I think?

Well personally I fukin love it but there again I luv anything Radiohead do. It's much more accessible ( Whatever that means, I guess it's insinuating that the rest of the world can't grasp conceptual music? ) than the previous 2 albums, but ( according to the critics ) it's not really a true 'OK computer' return to form. There again ( again) , Radiohead don't do the return to form thing ( i.e. there is no form) and that's what makes them sooo bloody good.

It's kinda like a big fuck you to the music industry and all it's critics. ( read: Failed musicians )

I like shows balls, which in this pathetic PC conformist society it seems to me that sooo many people are severely fukin lacking!

I won't do the track by track analysis ( yawn ) Listen to it yourself, but needless to say I stayed up with it till 6am. Just me, Radiohead, Bibi's two dogs ( she was in bed after a day of doing a 'New media' presentation for some advertising company) and a bottle of red; thoroughly enjoying myself.

Can't say many bands can do that for me anymore??

How much did I pay for it?


Although my download link didn't come till last night so I had to download it from Torrentspy instead???

My U2 obsessed ( to the detriment of all involved (( I fukin hate U2!!)) ) venue manager comes up to me halfway through the albums first playing on a full club system and spurts out: " It ain't no 'Josua Tree' is it mate!!"

Laugh.. I nearly fukin choked!

No idea, no idea whatsofukinever?

Damn it.. I need to get a new ipod.

Sooo yeah, In Rainbows; Fukin love it.

Can't wait for the second lot of tracks on the boxed set.

Update: Hate to say this but... I think that the vocals are mixed a little too quiet in places ???

It's cold outside, but having a studio in my room is keeping me toasty warm ( big up the power amps )

OK.. stuff to do

Bert and Ernie
( being different )

Rowan's Invisible drum kit.... lol


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Blogger Jay Cam said...

sounds good lol

9:07 pm  
Anonymous Andi said...

Hehe, never been a fan of Rowan Atkinson (two words: Mr Bean), however as a drummer myself that sketch is highly amusing, the guy clearly is a decent drummer in real.

Oh and for those of us who are too lazy to look up / less inclined to stalking, who is the band you were touring with?

Anyways, keep it up dude!

6:30 pm  
Anonymous lizzy said...

I know! I know! :D

6:35 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In Rainbows: Musically creative, sonically interesting. Hands down better than 99% of anything out there now.

But I have to say...I think they were better as a band, with someone else turning the knobs. I just hear all the plug-ins. I really haven't heard anything for 4 records now that matches the SONGWRITING of OK Computer or The Bends. Which I miss, and nobody has done better since. (Although many have tried)

And when I say "matches," I don't mean "sounds the same as," I mean is on the level of...

There, I said it.

Still, it is brilliant.

From some random lurker

7:19 pm  
Anonymous Liz said...

Mr Cokehead, what ARE YOU DOING?

10:33 pm  
Blogger the_smithers said...

In Rainbows. Class. Its on my car radio and I havent taken it off yet. Not the bends, not Ok computer but its better than everyones else best.

2:17 am  

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