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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Driving the 8 bus

Sooo, I drove J (call girl) around again last. I didn't really want to, but after letting her down twice last week coz I went on a bender I decided to do it, just to shut her up.

My mistake!

I'd already experienced what it was like on a good night for a call girl, now I've experienced what it's like on a bad one. From fukin about at the wheel, to getting sent to the wrong address for a prank, to taking a client to a cash point coz J's credit card reader broke then discovering the guy had no fukin cash after all and having to turf him out of the car, to nearly falling asleep at the wheel at 7 this morning, to gettting so fucked off with J's complete lack of time management skills that it just wasn't funny, to dumping her at her flat at 8 this morning when she had another client waiting ( by this point I was way in the: "Enough is enough for fucks sake I'm going home" Zone!!)

She sat in the car all night doing lines of coke, I didn't partake, didn't see the point really.

Jeez, what a complete bollocks night. Don't think I'll be doing that again for a while

Anyway, on a plus note I managed to re-acquire one of my all time fave small mixing desks for the project studio yesterday. The good 'ole Mackie 32 8bus:

Pair it up with few dbx 266xl compressors, the G5 and the Focusrite Saffire and you're onto a winner. It's been sat in storage gathering dust for a couple of years after we broke down the Ladbrook Grove studio.

Bit of TLC and she'll be good as. All ready for the winter hibernation sessions. Fuck knows where it's all gonna go though?

OK I'm gonna go get some lunch and then me and Bibi are hooking up for a well deserved night in.

WTF...this system really works (read: sarcastic)

Wrong, but sooo right

Lol..still funny



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