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Friday, April 27, 2007

Is there or isn't there???

Sooo...been a bit busy of late, this and that you know.

Spent the week engineering a George Bernard Shaw play in the evenings while doing shit for the label during the day. To say I've been falling asleep behind the mixing desk is an understatement. I find Mr Shaw neither intriguing nor interesting to be honest, it's all a bit socialist, pro communist, outdated post Victorian bollocks claptrap if you want the truth, and after four days of it I've totally fukin had enough!

So yeah. Thanks George...but no thanks.

Gawd help those West End theatre production sound engineers who do the same plays night in, night out for month after month. I take my hat off to you, completely not my bag at all I'm afraid.

Anyway, I'm sat in the house early the other morning trying to relax watching my new fave TV show Dexter which I discovered by accident on TVtorrents after hitting the wrong download button while half asleep. Top move!

Yep I'm sat in the house when suddenly the whole place lights up with blue flashes from outside. I'm like "Fuck me what gives!" Out of the window I see two police cars and a meat van who've pulled over this car, yanked out the driver, slammed him on the floor and one copper is holding the poor guys legs, another is sat on top of him and a third fourth and fifth are tearing his car apart while another has his mate in an arm lock against the wall. Jeez!! Couple of minutes pass and another meat van arrives plus two more squad cars and a black unmarked SUV??

Fukin ell!!

Talk about putting on a show?

The night is still so I open the window, get out the old shotgun mic, put my headphones on and point and listen to hear what's going on ( one of the perks of being a sound engineer)

There's a lot of: " Fuck off you cunts!" and " Shut up!!" sorter dialogue going on??

After about five minutes one of the rozers pulls out what looks to be a rather small bag of weed and he's like " What's this then son?" To which the guy against the wall replies: " What's it look like you fukin muppet, it's a bag of fukin weed!!" He gets slammed against the wall for his trouble.

All a bit heavy handed if you ask me.

More searching takes place.

Ten more minutes pass.

Nothing more is found by the sounds of it.

The two guys ( the driver and his mate ) are lobbed in the back of the meat van and carted off by the coppers who all leave the scene of the (you say that) crime.

Tyres screech, engines rev, everybody exits at great speed stage left...

But... the car they were in remains parked up at the side of the road?

It's still there...a day later.

I'm looking at it now, out of the window, thinking "I wonder what they didn't find?"

Ho Hum!!

What to do?

Might do a bit of a recon.

The police nowadays always miss the completely obvious.

I remember getting pulled over in All Saints road (coz I looked the wrong way at the wrong rozer) and him and his beat buddy frisked me pulling my wallet from my jeans.

Dickhead copper one then proceeded to grill me about the details on my driving license " Are you...blah blah blah" etc etc etc, and all the while there was a gram of coke and a rolled up tenner in the clear part of my wallet staring him right in the face?

The stupid fuker was so preoccupied with playing the egotistical powertrip twat that he completely missed it.


I thought I was fucked that night for sure, but...they just let me go on my way??

Stupid daft blind idiots!

So yeah! There's probably some huge stash sat right outside the house in that parked up car.

Who knows?


I'll go for a walk then shall I.

Ho hum.



Blogger Turtle said...

Find anything?

5:30 am  
Blogger london cokehead said...

No, the car was removed at about 4am this morning, by who I do not know?

11:31 am  
Anonymous noglastoticket said...

Well it could have been them, you can only keep someone locked up for so long over a bag of weed.
In my mis-spent youth I recollect stuff being binned and us returning to the 'scene of the crime' to collect what we left behind.

12:37 pm  
Blogger Doom/Blondie said...

a fucking GRAM of coke?!

damn, you're lucky.

12:01 am  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Yep, damn lucky!

3:39 am  

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