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Friday, November 03, 2006

A fuking antenna?

Ok, sooo this is interesting, I received my new passport the other day and it's one of these new biometric jobs to stop us all being terrorised by Allaaaaaaah and his bunch of stupid delusional followers (yeah, right, whateverthefuck! ) Anyway I chucked it in the draw and left all the other bumf on my coffee table to read later (as one does). I'm cooking my dinner, and I decide to sit down and read this bunch of leaflets and up pops the passport shit. New biometric Passport Essential information blagh blagh blagh! I starts to speed read this stuff, and I'm scanning the leaflet when the word antenna shoots out at me like a dayglo submarine surfacing in the North Pole in the middle of a pre 1970's cold war convention??? new fukin passport contains an antenna?

A fukin antenna????

Def: Antenna 1.a conductor by which electromagnetic waves are sent out or received, consisting commonly of a wire or set of wires; aerial.

Why the fuck does my new biometric passport contain a fukin antenna??

Either it's trying to pick up the Archers on Radio 4, or my increasingly nebby government has built into the passport, the abiblity to track my fukin movements!

I'm guessing the latter??

What the fuck...leave me alone, and please tell my why my right to anonymity is slowly slipping down the cellar wall and into the pool of stagnant beer on the sodding floor??

It says, don't immerse in water.

I just fukin may!

My mate T has this all frequency's radio scanner thing (including microwave) and I'm going round to his house to find out just exactly what it is that this fukin thing can actually send or recieve?

Utter fukin madness

What next, invasive travelcards? Oh yeah, we all ready have them, they're called Oyster cards!

Sodding nanny state!

Sometimes I hate this country and the especially the USA for dumping this shit on me?

Update: Ok upon returning from my mates house and his scanner, turns out that this is an RFID chip and antenna, yeah basically it can track me wherever I go, and my mate T say that although it's unlikely (you think) this technology can be used to listen in on it's surroundings completely passively (without [the need for] batteries)..

What the fuck!

And no, I'm not paranoid...Should I be??

See here!

What gives eh?

Ok I'm off to Germany for the weekend with a band..


Here's a great comp of some of cyriaks short animations, these things pop up all over the web and I guess have gained a little bit of a cult following.



Anonymous Jamey said...

Get a fuckin' clue mate, yer country started with the biometric RFID passports & national ID cards NOT the US!!! The UK is also completely covered with surveilance cameras. Look around next time yer out on the streets. Neither of those things have happend here... yet. Don't blame the US for any of your own problems. We may not be a perfect society but, in terms of world history, we are fairly new compared to the majority of european nations!

I don't like a lot of what goes on here in the US, but I don't blame the people of my country for everything. Neither would I blame the people of the UK for the shit they have dragged my country into. (Have you forgotten WWII?)

Don't be a 'kneejerk hater', that is precisely what the buggers at the top want! It has long been their game of, "Let's you & him fight"! Soooo, let's NOT!!!

Oh yeah, loved yer bit on sound engineers! I agree, one should always respect someone else's 'gig space'. Well said and a sign that you are a respectful person... even if ya did "get my back up" a bit with the other comment!

Cheers mate, liked yer blog and the straight forward writing stylee!!!

7:01 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Ok to clarify, I'm not on about the RFID, surveilance etc. I'm digging a lot deeper in the Fact that America (we'll the CIA) armed and trained Bin Laden (and many others) to do their dirty laundry in Afghanistan then when they were finished, left them out to dry, thus causing the turn of events that brings us to the present day state of affairs. It's not all the US, bit it's a huge part. And..It's not the common folks, but the government I'm attacking with my statement..

Sooo, I stand by it 100%

See: The American industrial military complex. It just keeps on fighting coz it can't be stopped: like an incurable fukin virus..

In WWII we were fighting for our freedom, today were just fighting for paranoid bullshit economics..

Bullshit that others have thrown across the table at us.

Fucking sad!!!

2:37 pm  

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