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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Small fries busy club

Sooo, Sunday night and I'm kinda knackard. As some of you might have noticed (or not) it's London students freshers fortnight at the mo, so I've kinda got more work on doing gigs then I can handle, so unfotunately this blog (and everything sodding else) has had to take a back seat till it's all bloody over. I feel fucked!

To top it all off, the club on Friday night was the busiest I have ever seen it all my 6 years of running the thing..

Put it this way, by nine o'clock we were operating a one in, one out door policy with like, 800 people outside still trying to get in? And it's a 1300 capacity venue. Fukin total madness!! It felt like the fukin opening night of Star wars! Inside it was soo busy that to try and get from say the toilet to the dance floor was a complete mission. In the end we just grabbed a bottle of JD from the bar and sat in the office watching TV. I did have a chance earlier on to tune the new sound systems bass bins in properly, and I must say the system just sounds shit hot. It's got a real fukin punch to it, so I'm kinda a happy bunny in that department.

Sooo, I was supposed to have this weekend off, but there were a couple of mixes that needed doing for the label, so that kinda went down the plug ole?

Tomorrow I have to do two rooms at the same time, one's a acoustic night and the other is a hypnotist (don't fukin ask) and then Tues a comedy night (lights, mics etc. etc.) Wed I have off with the Sweedy girl (we're staying in bed all day) and then Thurs a rock night (4 bands) Fri the club again and then Sat I'm supposed to be engineering a mates band.

No rest for the fukin wicked eh!

Plus I've just had a stonking row with the landlady cos she wants more rent for the out of town flat, she can go and fuck herself, more money?? I really feel at the moment that everyone's on the take in London, it's just getting sooo fukin expensive. I even had a go at the bloke in McDonalds the other night coz he wouldn't sell me small fukin fries with a small burger, it had switched to the night time fukin menu seemingly, so therefore you have to pay for a large meal? What the fuck is that about? I didn't want a large fukin meal with heaps of salt and fat and stuff, just a small burger and small fries for fucks sake!! And what the fuck is the night time sodding menu about? I know where only talking about a couple of quid here, but it's the priciple of the thing, they think everyone visiting after 12 o'clock is pissed, therefore they can take the piss out of the menus!! I walked out empty handed and bought a sandwich from the shop next door... Fuck em, fuck em all!!

So yeah, tired and pissed off.

Right, I'm gonna crack open a bottle of wine, cook a spag bol a la me and watch a DVD.

Just what I've always wanted?

Pjotro...obviously completely fukin insane!

But knowhere near as insane as these nerds

Finally...Girl vs treadmill

Right, food



Blogger Smartypants said...

What a sweetie you are. = )

Your comment made me smile.

(I needed to smile.)

2:09 am  

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