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Friday, October 20, 2006

Another new day, another new venue.

Soo, what a week!

I got back from seeing Sweedy girl on Tues but, being the prick I am, I spilt another glass of wine on another G5 keyboard, so have been unable to blog until I finally managed to find the time to go to the West End and purchase a new one. I make that three wine/beer dead keyboards this year alone??

Note to self: Errr 'av a word mate, sort it out!

Ok what's new? I've been asked to design and build a new Circuit Live band venue outside of London. Bit of a challange, but pretty exciting stuff as I get to spec it like it should be done, and not like some half arsed, box shifting, "Never even been behind a fukin mixing desk in my life", doughnut thinks it should be done! I'm kinda sick of walking into venues that have been spec'd by idiots? By that I mean, mixing FOH desks up in the rafters, or to one side of the venue, or even behind the fukin speaker stacks?? Under powered systems, bad outboard, bad lighting, and just plain acoustically fukin shite!!

So yeah, a new 600 capacity venue, designed and built from the ground up, by people who have to use the damn thing day in, day out.

Pretty exciting stuff. Me and my mate S ( the only person I'd trust to fly speakers 40ft in the air with me) are meeting to start costing the project next week. We'll be working on a provisional budget of £150,000-200,000 for lighting and sound, so it's gonna be bad ass!!

If it all comes off and the finance is raised ( the venue, council, planning, license etc. are all in place), then I'll start a seperate blog and document the whole process.

"Build your own Live venue in 5000 easy steps!"


I'm up early today cos I'm trying to switch my timeclock around so I can go on a four day security course for the club... Joy of fukin joys! It starts tomorrow and goes thru Sun till Tues. But I guess I'll be a licensed bouncer after that?? For what reason, I do not know? Guess it'll be a laugh though!

Last night I engineered an Alternative music night. I've said it before, an Alt music night means shite, off the wall bands. Art mate, Art! More like toss pants wank to me!! This one broke no new ground in that department. I was sat there thinking " I wonder if I turn off the mixing desk, will this sound better or worse?" This answer came at the end of the night when the last band (errr, you say that!) decided to overun by 30mins, and for 25 of those 30mins, the mixing desk was turned off and the house lights where up. It made absolutely no fukin difference at all! At least you could see the lovingly sculptured pile of bollocks the band had constructed mid set from chairs and tables and cardboard beer boxes in the middle of the stage?

Jeez louise, which brain cell told these retarded amoebas to form a band?

Wall of sound? Yeah, whatever! Bag of shite if you ask me.

But...what would I know about art?

I'm not worthy.


Snooze buttons explained.

Grill Skillz... If feel like throwing down in Mac D's, just spin on your head and ask for extra cheeze!!


Virtual frog dissection?

Ok, I'm off out for breakfast



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