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Thursday, October 12, 2006

How my life could have been fucked by a sodding projector!

Sooo, we bought a new overhead projector for the club about a month ago and fixed it up in the lighting frame of the club. The lighting frame hangs from the ceiling of the club approx 40ft up and holds all the moving heads, light effects, par cans (stage lights) etc. etc. etc. I kinda look after it all and make sure it's all working, safe, blagh blagh!

Anyway, I fitted this new projector and was a bit concerned as there was knowhere to fit a safety chain on the thing (everything else up there has a safety chain fitted). The projector bolts onto a mount, which in turn hangs it upside down from the tubing of the frame (like scaffolding poles).

Sooo, I was looking at a new moving head we've just installed in the frame yesterday, when I noticed the projector looked a bit wonky and there was something just not right about it, so off I trot to get the ladders to go up into the frame and inspect the damn thing. I perched the ladder on the frame, climbed up and just as I was about to put my hand on it, the whole fukin projector assembly fell off the fukin frame?? Luckily I mananged to grab the thing as it sailed past my fukin head, nearly took me off the ladder and 30 feet to the floor!

Now, and this is the whole point here: I probably would have been ok, it wouldn't have been the first time I've gone off the ladder and (as an ex skaterboarder) I can bounce fairly well, soooo, no real biggy there, but ( and it's a fukin huge but ) If I hadn't of noticed the thing and taken it down, it would've come down during the evening, straight onto the head of one of the punters stood directly below. Fuuuck! Just soo happens, onto the head of a very pretty 19 year old girl watching the band (I checked) and she would have been a very pretty 19 year old dead girl...with a nice smashed in skull!!!

And...I would've been up on a manslaughter charge!!!

Life over!

Just goes to show how quickly your shit can turn around.

I checked the projector and the build quality of this thing is complete shit! The bolts are actually encased in the flimsyist plastic mountings I have ever seen ( but you can't tell this till they actually break and by that time you've killed somefuker )

I wrote the shittiest letter I've ever draughted to the manufacturer BENQ and I'm still waiting for a responce..

Just goes to show eh!!

If drugs were legal

Don't go swimming around here mate!

Oh dear! Check out the guys other shit as well, especially natural deselection 2... Top!

Classic TV theme tunes... Including the superb Mr Rossi theme, just click the pics.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its a really dull comment but provided that you did put the safety chain on, it was the product that failed and you have reasnonable third party liability insurnace you would have been fine.

Still I wouldn't want anyone getting squished on my watch!

4:09 pm  
Blogger Ivar said...

my partner just got the best toy old "super e" amek board. the thing is huge and old and weighs like two tons, but damn, it is cool! now i get to take the ghost mobile!!!

we are gonna need a bigger studio~

10:43 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amek Einstein... Wow that's a blast from the past, good desk though, very in-line, nice EQ, weighs a fukin ton. Just don't even go near the supertrue automation.. Ouch! You'd probably need a 486 PC to run the damn thing, try finding one of those (working) nowadays..

1:16 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon, read again.. no place for a safety chain (which kinda makes me liable (pissed spelling) !!

1:19 am  

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