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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Yap yap yappety yap yap yappy yap!!

Ok, Sooo I've been crap at posting of late, my apologies...bit busy!

Last week was hectic to say the least, I worked too much, drank too much and did far too many drugs, so this weekend I'm doing fuck all. The phone has been switched off and I've stocked the cupboards with food, and I'm doing jack-shit!! I'm even gonna watch the football by myself, in the house, no disturbances!

I'm a little sick of trying to watch the world cup down the pub, while the rest of the world gives a running fukin commentary around me? You know, every fucker becomes a football expert when the world cups on, stop it! It's fukin dull!!

So yeah, England vs Paraguay, on my couch, by myself, bottle of Red and some nice munch.

All without the running fukin commentry! Nice.

What else? Oh yeah, Thurs I pulled this girl, took her back to my house and then she proceeded to yap on till like 6 in the morning? I kept falling asleep and then she'd wake me up "Yap yap yap yap yap!!"

I'm like babe, " I really really have to sleep, I have shit to get done tomorrow!!"

Her: " Yap yap yap yap yap yap yap!!"

Me: "Nooo, like really, I have to fukin sleep mate!!"

Her " Yap yap yap yapppety yap yap yapppy yap!!"

Oh gawd, I finally got to sleep at 6...6:30, then woke up at like 2:30


Sooo fukin late for a meeting?

Me: "Right, out of bed luv, I'm sooo late!!"

Her: " Yapppy yap yap yapppety yappyy yap yapppy yap....yap!!"

For fuck sake!

I leapt out of bed and got ready at the speed of light, leaving the flat within 5 mins, no coffee, no shower, no fuck all!!

I hate that!

I just left her in bed? "Let yourself out luv!"

Her: " Yeah, yap yap yapppettyyy fukin yappy yap!!"

I was half expecting her to still be there when I got home after the club?

I arrived home and sorta peered around the bedroom door as the old blood pressure became slightly elevated....

"Anybody home?"

Fuck, she's still in bed??



Oh thank fuck for that, it's just the duvet pilled up.


She's phoned me twice since.

I've ignored.

I'd kinda be insane within the month, no sex...all FUKIN YAP!!!

Some people just never shut the fuck up?

It's a lovely day outside, and low and behold it's still early, and it's the weekend, and I'm not fucked from last night??


Right, nice cup of tea, shower, cook some food, cabbage-out!

I had a strange dream about steak last night, so I guess it's peppered steak a la me for tea.


This kinda sums up my usual Sat nights



Blogger Ivar said...

ob-fucking-noxious!!! it's why you always say, "your place," never "mine." there comes a time when good manners be damned...just get up and walk out! very especially if you're not getting a roll! it's rules like this that help us to not make the wrong decision when dancing with charles! a thought, mate!

on the other tip, i live on the west coast of the u.s. and the only bastiches i have to watch the cup with are the brits that live to either side of my place. one man's famine and all that...not to mention they both have bigger tvs than mine! watch that argentine goal all day fucking long!

11:40 am  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Too true mate!!

11:49 am  
Blogger rn_buffoon said...

I have to empathise with the least just a little...because
I used to be like her.


She'll grow out of it.

3:15 pm  
Blogger Emma said...

you're hilarious

10:35 pm  

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