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Monday, June 12, 2006

Hot shit man!!


Fuck me it's hot today in London, far too hot to work!

So I'm not!

The weekend was ok I guess, went to the pub Sat afternoon, watched the England match ( it was shit but we won) then got pissed with a load of mates, partied on through the evening and got drunk and high and then came home. Got up late on Sunday, took myself for lunch, then just sat in the front garden reading the Sunday papers and playing with the landlady's dogs. All pretty normal, all pretty fukin dull to be honest.

I feel totally wacked out though, it sooo fukin hot.

Fuck being in the city or on the tube today....not fun!

Today I went shopping for food, then just stopped at the pub on the way home and watched all the lovelies go by. The summer birds dress code is like totally doing it for me at the moment, I'm kinda horny!

Sooo, if it's like this tomorrow I'm gonna sit in the park and chill. Really isn't much point to working at the moment, I have no aircon in the studio and musical electronic gear (mixing desk, computer, amps etc.) just generate way too much heat, so it's all turned off, sleeping in the studio. That's the first time in probably a year that the gears been turned off and it's been working hard so I guess it all deserves a holiday.

Me too.

Note to the stupid bikers wearing nothing but T-shirts and shorts on superbikes I keep seeing: Leave it out you fukin idiots, believe you me (and I'm speaking from experience) when you come off and there's half the road attached to your back or legs, don't fukin whinge about it OK.
I once downed my Honda RC30 on a country lane with just my shorts on and when it scabbed over I couldn't sit down or sleep or walk for 2 fukin have been warned!


This is one of the funniest (geek like funny) things I've read for ages, it involves some parent who's has found out that his son is a "Hacker", talk about somebody who just has no fukin Idea what he's actually talking about. This so called parent is more dangerous than the kid? I wouldn't like to have this fucker as an enemy, talk about witch hunter gone wrong... It's either a hoax or the guy is a total fukin moron, I'd hate to be his kid!!

Fuck this it's too damn hot to be sat inside, I'm off back down the pub!

How the fuck do you discover stuff like this?



Anonymous purephase said...

Fuckin' brilliant! Suspicious though.. i think someone's taking the piss here.. ;-)

6:39 pm  
Blogger what's_my_line? said...

Some of the questions in that hacker article leave me kind of "WTF?!". Obviously not enough research.

But still, not too long ago, I was chatting w/ a buddy online who kinda went AWOL for about 30 minutes. When he came back he said someone was trying to hack his server. He had back-hacked the ISP, got some source user information, then simply did a white pages search for the name and phoned them up. Turns out it was the 13yr old kid in the house. He chatted w/ the kids parents for a little bit and then dad stomped off to tan the boys arse.

7:07 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Yeah, I love the hackers wear dayglo clothing bit..

Rofl rofl rofl !!

Falls off chair!

WML: you know, if I had a son who was doing that shit, I'd prime him to be a Cisco CCIE. There's like no way I'd take the computer off him, I'd just teach him that you can make more money by being a legit IT bod than a hacker could ever possibly make!

11:48 pm  
Blogger ukfella_1 said...

Fuckin hell... Thats *got* to be a wind up! Bloody yanks. No wonder they randomly invade places, perhaps to get all those Comet cursor users.

Whatever though, as an IT bod I nearly pissed myself laughing. :D

11:06 am  

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