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Thursday, June 08, 2006


Gawd, Blogger is acting like a complete fukin dog at the moment. I'm finding it impossible to leave comments on my own blog, nevermind anybody else's??

It's pissing me right off!!

Come on Blogger, sort it the fuck out, maybe if you went through your files and deleted all the blogs with like one post from two years ago it might help?

So what's new? Well I've been busy as the last few days. The days have been spent in the studio mixing and nights have been spent building two myspace sites for a couple of acts on the label.

I'm finding it a little too warm to sleep (it's well hot and muggy in London at the mo) so I'm just working till the small hours and getting up later, going for lunch and then coming home to mix.

I found a wicked little prog though, Friend adder . I have to run it on the Mac under virtual Windows, but it works just fine. Sooo, you tell this little gem what kinda people you wanna invite as myspace friends, press go and it like adds 500 new friend requests in about 10mins.

It's the guerrila marketing tool from hell, that's what that is. Fukin top!!

Soo, I have the club tomorrow and I know it's gonna be mobbed. People who sit in offices all day when it's hot like this, just come out in fukin droves when the bell goes. So yeah it'll be mobbed.

Took my brain out earlier. I went shopping as a break from the studio and bought all lovely stuff for a chicken pasta dish, you know, fresh pasada, fresh tomatos, basil, oregano, proper parmesan, fresh tagliatelli, peppers etc. etc. etc. Oh and strawberries and cream for afters, got it all home: No fukin chicken?? Fuker! Couldn't be arsed to trudge all the way back to the organic shop, so I just thought "fuck this" and went down the chippy instead?

Tasted like shit!

Strawberries were nice though.

Ok, I'm gonna get back to the grind and finish off these bloody myspace sites.

la la la!



Blogger roxyfoxy said...

Whats your view on myspace just recently heard it mentioned.

Do you think i should check it out ??

7:49 am  
Anonymous tilda said...

What's your 'myspace' or should i just try ? I WANT YOU TO BE MY FRIEND!!!


10:12 am  
Blogger london cokehead said...


12:09 pm  

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