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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Savoy there!

So, I was engineering a band at the Savoy last night, proper posh gig! (made sure I had my camera this fukin time?)

Really good gig actually, the band were this Ratpack type Jazz combo and were fukin excellent to say the least. The mixing desk was miles from the stage though and I had to work in a Tuxedo, but I had a laugh all the same.

I'm not gonna even mention the fukin women, coz I guess you can imagine, needless to say the crumpetometer was way off the scale and then some!!

Soo, I got to eat some beautiful food and look at beautiful women while mixing a Jazz combo in some of the worlds finest surroundings, not bad, not bad at all!

Oh and half way through the gig a bottle of red wine with a large glass on a tray appeared (as if by magic) at the side of the mixing desk, superb, so I promptly demolished it, as one does!

The Savoy has it's own in-house AV crew and at the end of the gig the guy asked me if I was interested in working full time for him, but I'm not really into having a full time job so I politely said thanks but no thanks, then he asked me if I was interested in training his existing crew in sound engineering, fukin damn right I will, and considering what they charge to put the rig in (way, way over the top), I'll take that into consideration when I quote him a consultancy fee!

Talking of over the top, at one point I couldn't find my concierge (they give you one for the night ??) so I toddled off to the bar and ordered a Bicardi and coke, the bar guy comes over with the drink and he's like "£9.80 sir!!" so I'm like "what??" again "£9.80 sir!!"

I told him to keep the bloody thing!!

I've got money, but I aint paying that for a fukin single spirit, totally fukin stoopid??

So yeah, top night.

Could do with a few more like that really.



Blogger Ivar said...

is that one of the old soundcraft boards? thing looks like a monster. brilliant looking room, though!

8:54 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

No it's a Allen and Heath GL 3800, lovely little desk it is too!

9:04 pm  
Blogger roxyfoxy said...

you tight bastard ! no good taking me out for the night then !!

10:05 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

I'm not tight at all luv, quite the opposite, I just don't like being ripped off!

10:13 pm  
Blogger LTNA said...

$9.80?! Even without the conversion rate, that's fuggin' bullshiz.

Anyhow, I haven't been around in a while (work, work, work!). Glad to see you're up to the same old tricks!

2:35 am  
Blogger mrsmogul said...

Shouldn;t you have gotten free drinks if you were working the night? You know who used to live at the Savoy? Richard Harris, he used to come in and out of that place drunk all the time and looking like a bum.

8:33 am  
Blogger london cokehead said...

I did get free drinks, but the concierge had gone missing!!

11:24 am  

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