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Monday, May 22, 2006

The Concrete Llama Pharmaceutical Company.

Neon wonderland.. (Taken from Trellick Tower W10, Sat night)...

Soo, I guess another weekend of carnage. Club was ok Fri, but still not as busy as we would've liked. Time of the year though, not to worry.

I decided to go out for a quick (yeah right?) pint on Sat and arrived back in the house in the small wee hours of this morning. Ooops!!

So, Sat, I met up with a bunch of mates over West and we all sat in the pub for the afternoon and drank and talked shit, as you do. Got to around 6pm and I decided to go off and see my mate C (girl) who lives in Trellick tower which is, for anyone who doesn't know, this monstrous, grade II listed, concrete eyesore which stands looming over W10, looking not disimilar to a petrified fukin Llama on steroids!!

Completely useless fact alert!! : Trellick tower was designed by architect Ernest Goldfinger. And Ian Flaming, who wrote all the James Bond 007 books, hated it sooo much that he renamed one of his evil world domination types: Goldfinger!! So now you know, don't say I never tell you anything.

I digress.

So yeah, stayed at C's all night drinking and doing whatever it is you do with an ex girlfriend and a pile of drugs? Hmmm!

I left C's at probably 2 o'clock Sun and was just on my way home when, of course, the pub appeared (as if by magic) right in the way. So I went in to shelter fom the rain (rain?) for a while.

Ho hum!

Brain dialogue: What rain? That rain! But that's a puddle? It's still a puddle full of fukin rain though!!

I digress, again!

Yeah, West London! A few of the clan were in the pub in various states of dissaray from the night before, so I joined in the fun. Oh dear!

Interesting, I got chatting to this female (kinda hot) doctor, who had rejected the whole doctor thing because of the shit that goes down within the pharmaceutical industries? Very very interesting conversation. She was basically telling me that these companies actually invent, or in some case's actually start, via vacines and other methods (flu jabs, antibiotic strains, immunisation vaccines, etc.) Yeah, actually start fukin epidemics? All in the name of the massive supply and demand, and in return the profiteering that this then creates. Fuck me!! That's some mad conspiracy shit, right there!!

Yeah, one day she just thought: "fuck this, I'm causing more shit than I'm actually curing", and jacked it all in for moralistic reasons, chuking away 10 years of hard work and research in the process. She was going to expose it all in a book, but felt it was just too risky??

How mad is that!!

We chatted and then went back to her house for a spliff?

Don't think I've ever met anybody who grew Ivy down the inside wall's of their house. Looked kinda mad though.

We chatted some more.

Sooo, it got to around midnight and I was starting to flake badly, so we exchanged numbers and I made my way home to bed..

And that was the weekend.

T's over from NY at the mo "Yo Dawgs!! " So we're gonna be in the studio recording vocals for next couple of days.

I'm blooding starving.

lunch I'm thinking.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

my ex in not that cool

4:50 am  
Anonymous Expat in Nice said...

Just thought I would let you know that I click on 99% of the links in your blog.

Still lurking, and reading you very frequently.

Survey the upcoming weather reports carefully, if you are thinking about coming to the South of France, in the near term. Spring/Summer are still sorting themselves out.


6:49 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

I'm not here..

10:30 pm  

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