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Monday, May 08, 2006

A casual weekend.

Sooo, bit of a mad weekend that one. The club was a bit shit again Friday night, but I guess it's the post-winter, pre-summer time of year so it's to be expected. Managed to get all my shopping apart from Addidas combat jacket, I tried it on again and it was all just a bit Naaa fuck that, don't like the cut, blagh blagh blagh!! Got some cool summer army shorts though from this shop near Soho where you try them on and then the guys will cut them to size for you, so all good.

Actually, all good till it got to Sat morning when I jumped out of bed, put my new shorts on, ran downstairs to pick up the milk and guess what? It was fukin pissing down with rain outside!! Typical bloody British weather eh!! Went back upstairs to get changed and have a sulk..

Ok, so I ended up in West London at around 4 and went to the pub to meet some mates, they had been doing some charity gig the night before and hadn't really slept, so it was all a bit Laa Laa Land.. I got a skinfull of whinge coz I hadn't done the sound the night before, but, I have a club to run and they all fukin know this? Anyway, I got talked into doing front of house sound for this French band for free drinks all night (this, on my day off, but WTF, free booze, always a winner!!)

Sooo, after a hairy ride down the wrong side of Ladbroke Grove in a van full of French Nutters we arrive at this gig to soundcheck. The in-house guy kept complaining coz the girl who was on first still hadn't arrived to soundcheck and he didn't know her line up or anything (boo hoo, deal with it mate, it's called rock-n-roll!). Turns out though this late girl is my mate L, she rolls through the door (as she does) an hour late and screams "*******" grabs hold of me and does whatever it is L does? Now I have 2 bands to bloody engineer, "Anybody else while I'm here? I can work the fukin bar as well if you want!!"

Soo we finish the gigs at around 10 o'clock and head off to a local bar in Portobello Rd. I get refused entry coz I'm "too casual mate"

Me: What do you mean too casual?

Doorman: Too casual, this is Portobello road!!

Me: You are fucking kidding aren't you???

Portobello road used to be the Bohem capital of fukin London? To be refused entry at a bar full of tourists for being too bloody casual is like being told "You can't land your plain here mate, it's got wings on it!!"

WTF!! How shit changes, to be honest though, I wouldn't frequent any bar with a dress code...ever!

The owner appears (I know him ) and he's like "what's the problem?"

Me: Seemingly I'm too fukin casual?

Owner: No mate your fine, come in.

Me (kinda pissed off) : Naa mate, sorry , I don't do dress codes!!

We all go back up to Kensal rise and away from Portobello road and into the safety of The Paradise, with the kind of people I usually hang with, who are, all dressed casual.

Dear me... What the fuck is going on?

What next, Nightclubs where you can't get in with trainers on??

Anyway, we all drink and do whatever till the small wee hours.

I arrive home at probably 4 or 5 AM and just wipe out on the bed.

Spent the whole of yesterday recovering, all good.


Benny scale of fuckness = Oh I don't know 720 maybe!!

Gawd, I need to go and do some food shopping as the cupboards are bare..

Beatles vs Apple or Apple corp vs Apple computer
: Ok we've been debating this down the pub now for a long time ( ever since Apple announced itunes, we we're all like, ooops that's gonna cost em! ), so for this verdict to come out in favour of Apple computer: is total fukin bollocks!! The origional agreement clearly states that Apple computer can use it's logo as long as it's is in no way involved with music and music business, and I'm sorry, but it doesn't matter how you twist the law, Apple computer with itunes are clearly now involved in the Music business...end of! So my verdict is: unfair and completely unjust verdict..


Wonder how much of a back-hander the judge got for that one eh!!

Ok, right, food!!



Blogger Doom/Blondie said...


have you seen the PANDORA WEBSITE?

It DESTROYS ITUNES.... you'll never use it again

fucking best thing I have ever seen.


12:12 am  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Yeah, I use pandora now and again to find new music, you can only use it to find 5 or 6 similar tunes in one day though...


12:34 am  
Anonymous tilda said...

Lol, err.. I thought you couldn't get into most places with sneakers on...


Pandora is awesome :)


6:07 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Not in my little club world Tilda, I don't do the stand around and look fancy West End crap, that's for the footballers and wallet-sucking disco bunnies..


6:28 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

PLus, where's your blog gone honey?

6:28 pm  
Blogger sigh9 said...

I always forget, anywhere outside of the Smoke, never go out in trainers 'cos you won't get in. WTF? I've seen people in £5 cradboard and polish shoes waltz in whilst others in £200 Prada trainers get a hairy bouncer palm in the face.

I'm with you on this one, LCH -who the fuck are they to tell me what to wear? Just say No to dress codes, kids.

4:24 pm  

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