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Tuesday, May 16, 2006



Soo, July 10th is officially The Eraser day. I'm desperately trying to get hold of a pre-release, but it would be easier standing on the fukin sun at the moment (coz someone will just torrent it). My heart beats a little faster just thinking about this album (seriously!! ). Roll on July 10th. I'm gonna miss the Radiohead Hammersmith gig on Thurs and Friday due to prior commitments and to say I'm gutted is a mild understatement, but there will always be other gigs, I guess?

Damn it!!

Apart from the obvious Floyd gig which isn't gonna happen any time soon (or probably anytime at all) and of course the festival shit, I reckon Radiohead is the only band I would actually (nowadays) pay to go and see live, busman's holiday and all that.

And after all that there will be the new album from the band themselves later in the year. All good. All good indeedy!

Ok, This is one of the funniest, misinformed, propagander spreading, contrived piece of Apple vs PC bullshit I have ever read. The phraze "rrreeally mate! ", springs to mind!?!

Internet bullshit in action.

I have a client in the studio today, so I guess I had better get my shit together and wind up the toys.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only fly in the ointment will be the strategic difficulty of breaking the news to the fanatical users. Most were not initially pleased by the switch to Intel's architecture, and this will make them crazy.

11:06 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

No shit! The only reason I use a mac is the OS , it's classy-er than windows by miles. If they dare to switch then I'll buy a G5 quad with os X and just stick with that thanks.

Me with a PC and Windows...Fuck that!!

I'm a snob and it's a snob's computer, but I've always liked the best and therefore that's what I use and will always use.

10:29 pm  
Anonymous tilda said...


I never thought I'll join a conversation like this... BUT I hope thats just internet bullshit.

Seriously, what would be the point??

Hows the girl you were seeing, but not really seeing at all???


7:07 am  

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