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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Bauer get's Chicken noodled!!

It's official: Jack Bauer kicks ass..


With an open socket thing going on and shit


Good luck in Shanghai then old bean?



Chicken noodle time!

Haaaaa haaa ha haaaa ha ha haaa aaaha ha haaa !!! (evil laugh!!)

Umm, ok!

Stuck in the studio tomorrow recording vocals (not my favorite task, but not my least favorite either).

Yesterday would have been a lot more productive if somebody hadn't forgotten the bloody studio mic ( not me though! ) .

Oooops, mine's a problem.

Still we got some good guide vocals down with one of my Live mics, so I guess it was sorta productive?

Today, we will rule with a big sharp pointy stick. (if the mic turns up with it's owner intact? )

Rock-n-roll I guess.

What else, oh yeah, I discovered the Robot Chicken TV show thing the other day, and fuck, I laughed myself till I was blue. Sooo fukin funny. I watched the whole first series and half the second in one sitting, could'nt get enough. If you get the chance watch. Fukin funny as.

Especially the Palpatine, darth vader telephone conversation where he gives the bad news that the Death star's been blown up:

One sided telecon:

"Whadda mean, they BLEW UP THE DEATH STAR????



"Who's they?"


" What the hell is an Aluminium Falcon?"


"Are you fuking with me??"


"Oh! Oh! Oh! I thought my Dark Lord of the Sith could protect a 2 meter wide fricken exhaust port?"


" That thing wasn't even paid for yet!!

"And just what do you think that's gonna do to my credit rating?"


I was nearly crying, very funny shit!

Actually, I've just found it on google video. Bit of a crap copy...but you'll get the gist..



I'm watching Poseidon at the mo: it sucks!!

Not even worthy of a link!!

This kinda says it all, it's fukin everywhere


Bed time..



Blogger what's_my_line? said...

Robot Chicken: some of those turn out kinda lame, but most are pretty damn funny in a sick guy humor kinda way. (My wife hates them). The Cartoon Network here plays them on adult.swim (late night grownup cartoon stuff.) Venture Brothers is still one of my favorites though.

2:06 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Yeah, I agree It's definitely a blokey thing.

I'll try and check out venture brother cheers.

5:21 pm  

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