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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Forum frenzy!!

Ok, Tuesday, bit of a boring day really, meeting in the West End got cancelled, so I went and bought some new bedding to replace the shit I set fire too a while back. Ooops!!

World cup tune all accepted and off-line and finito, so all good in that department. We've finished the next two label releases as well so that's all taken care of for a couple of weeks plus I've already started on the next two, just waiting for T to come over from NY and lay down the vocals, kinda excited about that.

I'm in the studio with my mate B tomorrow so should be a fun day all round. Thurs I'm helping my other mate T get to grips with his Logic Audio Pro programme and then I'm having a hair cut and colour from this hairdresser I've known for ages but never used, I'm gonnna go to his house and have a haircut and spliff and stuff, much better than sitting in a fukin Salon and having to talk to somebody I don't really know. I once made the mistake of not wanting to talk to this female hairdresser (I just wasn't in the mood to explain what I do for a job again!!) and in return I got a shit cut? Thanks!

Ok...Rant of the day: Fukin internet music and music tech/recording forums!!

In fact, just music forums in general!!

You can't have a proper valid argument on a forum.

It just all turns to shit!!

They're just blind amorphous exchanges for uber-crap debate!

I really really don't know why I bother with these fukin forums. I always come off them in a way bad fukin mood. Somebody asks a question, you give your advice (coz your a professional and shit!!) and then some fukin 12 year old prick flames you with why you are fukin wrong and he/she is right?

Ok son/daughter ( in this case son), I've worked in music for a long time, I kinda know what I'm talking about and I wouldn't answer the question If I didn't actually know the answer, but these little pricks...Your wrong, blagh blagh blagh blagh blagh!!! They must sit there like, all fukin day just waiting to flame someone with their god like (but complete bollocks) knowledge.

Somebody was asking about music publishing and intellectual property this morning, a difficult and complex subject if your not sure about it (it can take years to understand it properly). Ok I give this guy a bit of legal advice from a past situation that I've been through myself, all good, anyway I revisit the thread ten minutes later and this other (third party) fukin prick had just completely undermined what I'd just said with total bullshit advice.


Note to that idiot: You ever been in a record deal mate, or a studio for that matter, or even away from your toilet training lessons you dickhead!! Cos what you said was complete bollocks and if the guy actually took your advice cunt, he'd be sued to shit before he even left his studio, and I don't care if you released a bootleg mashup once and got away with it toss pot, this is forum for people who make proper music from the fukin ground up and not by taking two other records and a copy of Ableton live which puts them in time and key automatically and then pretend you actually did something musical...Now there's a new concept eh, real fukin music!! NOW FUCK OFF!!

Double note to all the mashup music experts out there : Don't ever ever dare call yourself's musicians, your just fukin not ok, it's like somebody who builds LEGO models calling themselves a structural engineer, it's wrong and your full of shit, get it!! Bet you can make a ham sandwich too, don't make you a fukin chef though, does it?

Rant over..


Ok, deep breath,!!

"A lack of adequate oxygen, especially after seven days underwater, also carries a risk of irreversible brain injury, according to medical experts."


It'll stop the world having to listen to your banal pretentious drivel mate.

If I had my way, I'd have sealed you in there!!

Fuck, I'm going for a Guinness, it calms the nerves and doesn't lead to other things, unlike Stella Artiois which get's me in all sorts of trouble (which I kinda like now and again, actually more again then now but)... Oh shut up !



Blogger Doom/Blondie said...

I'm curious to know whether you have ever commisioned any music videos...

when you got the first cut from the production company...

Did you ever ask for:

"more cuts in it."


2:07 am  
Blogger london cokehead said...

No, not myself, B one of the label owners girlfriend is a film type though so she'll usually sort it all out.

I usually let video production people just get on with it,and to be honest,I've never had a video that I've not liked. But...some people just have to get their creative bit in, no matter what??

Especially music, everyfuckers a music producer when it comes to post-production (I'll post about it sometime)it drives me mad.

"More cuts" I was once asked if I could make a tune more revealing, I mean what the fuck does that mean, revealing? Again, I'll post about it coz there,s some absolute corkers i've had in the past, including a request to distort the black bit a little more??


2:22 am  
Blogger d'you know what i mean said...

stadim arcadium. enough said. i bought her today in the states, and i think it is simply amazing. such a revert to old skool' RHCP but modern at the same time. timeless.

6:23 am  
Blogger london cokehead said...

I hear ya..

Ain't been off the old Ipod since I got it..

10:07 am  
Blogger roxyfoxy said...

What colour you going for ?

4:49 pm  
Blogger sigh9 said...

was this the Logic forum then? or just a general music forum?

8:48 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

No, just a random help forum mate.

3:14 pm  

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