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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Posterprick and Superfox

Soo , I've finally made the change from Safari to Firefox as a browser and about time it is to , for bloggers Safari really is a shit browser ( I always blog on Firefox , but I was still using Safari for day to day shit ) but , I was finding more and more that when I was clicking on a video links etc. , It was just all going tits up . So last night I got in from work and made the migration of contacts , bookmarks etc. I was expecting this to have taken ages but , one click and about five seconds later , everything was transfered . I even found a plug-in that makes the damn thing look like Safari. I really can't tell the difference apart from the fact that it works a lot better now ...

And as far as Explorer goes ( why the fuck do the majority of you lot still use this piece of shit ? ) , I consider my G5 as the Aston Martin of computers , sooo, If I'm driving an Aston... why the fuck would I wanna put a Mini engine under the bonnet ( hood ) eh !!!

Sooo , last night was complete kaos , I engineered 10 bands in one night in another of those battle of the bands type of things .. My hands are really fukin sore this morning from getting them trapped in flightcases and the general stage loading/unloading that has to be done on a big band night and I'm fukin aching from all the running around ..

Apart from some prick insisting on engineering his little band half way through the night and completely fukin up the FOH mix , it went really fukin well ..

Note to above said prick : Please don't waltz into a venue halfway through a band talent contest with ten bands and expect to jump into the soundbooth and take it over for one fukin band with no soundcheck and no fukin idea of the protocol being used for the night .. Unless your super dooper professional and have been engineering bands for years ( you weren't and obviously hadn't ) your just gonna fuck it all up .. It took me two bands just to undo what you had fukin done !!! It would have been ok but the band on after your band were an all girl band ( all girl bands sing in a different frequency spectrum to bloke bands , 3.5 K top lift/cut as opposed to 5 k and nothing really below 220hz ) and I just couldn't get the vocals above the instruments which pissed me right off.. Then I realised halfway thru their set that you'd turned the vocal compressor off ??? ( a vocal compressor squishes all the vocals so they sound more even in a mix ) ... Why the fuck would you go and do something stupid like that , no wonder your band sounded shite mate !!!

Prick !!!

So yeah , apart from that and my sore hands , the night went fukin really well ...

But , something happened that really really pissed me off . I'm sorry to rant but I need to get this out of my system , coz I was totally , totally upset about it and I feel like this country is being invaded from the inside at the fukin moment and I'm really not fukin happy about it Mr Blair mate :

What the fuck's he babbling on about now , he's like a child so he is ??

Well , this :

I walked into the venue last night and somebody had put up a load of recruiting posters from people like these idiots and this idiot around the fukin venue ( they were kinda inciting violence against the West and all that other shit they want ?? ) .. I didn't notice at first as they were all hidden in dark corners and made out to look like music posters but as soon as I did , I tore them all fukin down .. Why the fuck are you trying to recruit in a music venue for anyway ? You lot don't even appreciate music .. Listen fuck faces , I don't want to live in a violent oppressed society where the women have to cover themselves up and people with a sense of humour don't exist ? I love to look at beautiful women and I respect them for who and what they are , and I love having a laugh , it's mandatory for me . As I've said before , I don't care for you politics , fighting and imaginary friend worship , all I wanna do is drink beer , make records and shag birds , you'll never take that away from me , I'd die for it first , and you would be coming with me , I kid you not ..

I'm fukin British and proud of it , so if you can't integrate with us and respect our values , culture , religion and traditions then fuck off home !!!!

And as for trying to recruit your little army from within one of the places that I work , If I catch you doing it , well !!!

If I tried to raise a British flag or start a Religious sect or army on your turf .. You'd chop my fukin head off , so why is it being aloud to happen on ours ???

Just lighten the fuck up will you ... I can't be bothered !!!

I'm sounding really racist here , I'm actually not , just show me another side to all of this and I'll gladly accept you .. As long as you accept me as well ??

Oh and by the way , locking Abu Hamza up in a British prison will only allow him to recruit an army of followers from the inside .. Just deport the fuker , period , have done with him for good .. I swear to gawd I'm gonna go into politics because you fukers have absolutely no clue on how to deal with this shit .. Your all fukin pussy's at it , fuck diplomacy , these maggots will have eaten the apple core before you lot see that it's starting to rot. Stupid doughnuts ....

Ok ... Happy joy !!

Laters ..


Blogger Doom/Blondie said...

I myself am not a white skinned aryan and niether am a christian...but I'm british and I'm born here. I see both sides of the story and their is foolish intolerance on both sides.

BUT - More often than not, when people argue and fight - they are not actually fighting about what they APPEAR to be fighting about.

Fuck it.

We're grown ups.

Peace and love


12:37 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Yep , I agree , it's a sad world ... But fun !!

2:12 pm  
Anonymous jungle vip said...

I absolutly one hundred percent agree with you absolutly!!! And you dont sound racist - you just sound like someone who's proud of their country. I wish tony would start standing up for us and excercising a bit of diciplin -

he's like a bad parent who is afraid of his naughty kid, and because of that pne naughty kid, others get blamed and dragged in, and stuff. hmmm

love ur blog

2:16 pm  
Blogger me said...

Afuckingmen to that. It's not racisim, it's respect.

6:23 pm  
Blogger pop renaissance said...

i think if we all just put on some music and smoked a joint, we'd be okay. instead we put rich cunts in positions of power, thinking that they'll actually do the right thing and speak for us.

fuck 'em. oh, and regarding this:

"I don't care for you politics , fighting and imaginary friend worship , all I wanna do is drink beer , make records and shag birds , you'll never take that away from me , I'd die for it first , and you would be coming with me , I kid you not."

i will come over from america and die for anyone who holds these ideals close to their heart.

and with that, i have a recording session to do. cheers!

11:20 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

I'll drink to that kidda ..

They are my ideals and I'm sticking to them ..

12:09 am  
Anonymous tilda said...

Why are they recruiting people for that shit in London? It did not happen here! Why does anyone care?!

Good for tearing it all down! It sucks that though the majority of Islamic people in London live in peace,they are all loked down upon because of these psycho extremists.

1:44 am  

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