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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Ranty ranty rant rant !!

Ok , soo , Sat .. I'm off to see one of my mates in a while coz he's doing a photoshoot with his band , the photoshoot started at 8 am this morning ( to get the right amount of light and the lack of people on the streets ) but as you may or may not know , I run a club on a Friday night so I was fucked if I was gonna be going to bed at 7am and getting up at 8 ... Ooof , so I'm gonna meet them all down the pub after the shoot...

Last night the club was mobbed , so me and B sat in the back office with a couple of club kittens and demolished a whole bottle of JD , so I'm feeling a little tender this morning to say the least.. I did get around to polishing the glitter ball though , so now we have the shiniest glitter ball in all of old London town ( it makes a difference you know ??? )

It's gonna be a busy busy week next week as I have 3 live band to engineer at different venues across London ... All fun ..

This is verging on hideous ( at least with my hangover ) ... Uggg !!!

Oh and this , is complete bullshit , I'm totally with the Iranians on this one as I know about the facts and can see through all of the political fukin bullshit.

Note to the American government : The change from petrodollars to petroeuros in Iran on the March 30th is gonna happen ... Soo , just fukin deal with it you big babies and stop trying to kid us that they're some big bad terrorist nation that needs putting down like you tried to convince us Iraq was. We're not fukin stupid you know !! So just deal with the macroeconomics of the situation and take it on the fukin chin like a good boy eh !! Shit changes in the playground and eventually the bullies get outed as the truth emerges ..

Ok , why do I give a shit about macroeconomics and oil ( he does blabber on about it sometimes ) , Ok my Grandaddy was an oil rig designer so I've always had a facination about the black stuff . He used to take me to see the rigs getting built in Newcastle when I was likkle and as a kid it totally blew me away !!! Plus , living in London , I don't need a motor ( coz the transport system is first class ) and If I need one , I'll just hire one and over the years I've become more and more anti-car especially those SUV's or Chelsea tractors as we call em here .. Car drivers are just fukin lazy twats , what's the point of driving half a mile to the shops when you could get off your arse and walk . Your fukin polluting the environment for our future generations just because you can't be arsed to get off your fat lazy backsides and use your fukin legs . It's dissapointing .. You get these people who drive to the gym , one person in a fukin SUV spewing out carbon monoxide , what the fuck is that about , it's wrong , get off you fukin arse and walk it , I walk everywere and I don't have an ounce of fat on me ... Go fukin figure eh !!!

I have a real problem with those car driving cunts who slam their foot to the floor as soon as a light turns green and I'm crossing the road , then slam their brakes on and sound the horn .. Hello " Fukin human being alert !!! " you saving a tenth of second off you journey time does not equate to me ending up in fukin hospital ALRIGHT !! , just fukin WAIT !!!

If you do this to me and I'm not fully across the road , I will stand in front of your car for at least another 10 secs and verbally attack you till you go red in the face so DON'T FUKIN DO IT !!! Just coz you have the protection of a shiny peace of German metal around you , does not mean your life has priority over fukin mine , no matter how posh your fukin bit of tin is , I could afford a nicer bit of tin than yours if I really wanted to , but I don't want one ... OK !!!

I read some report yesterday on carjackings in central London , it was saying that 80% of carjackings were happening to top of the range car drivers ( BMW , AUDI , PORSCHE etc .. )

Well fuck me , if you don't wanna get jacked , then don't drive around in a posh coffin .. Simple really when you think about it ??

I remember watching this woman getting Jacked in Kensington once ( she was driving a convertible BMW ) and she's like : " Chase after him , he stole my purse !! " , so I'm like : " err fuck off luv , you can afford it , and I'm not gonna get stabbed to death over your bag thanks "

What's the point of spending £30,000 to sit at traffic lights all day ??? I can sit in the pub and have a much better time ...

Sorry and that , but by driving around in that bit of fancy tin , your just asking to be robbed , and your posh fukin blingmobile does not make me believe that you are some superior being with an IQ of a million or something , In fact: it just makes me think your a complete twat .. I'm kinda done with the keeping up with the Jones's shit .. My life already rocks and I don't need to prove it to you ...

Fuck me , that was a rant and a half , even by my standards ..

I think I need some food ..

Bye .


Blogger Jeremy said...

Quite a rant there, mate.. But I totally agree, why use a car when the transportation system is so efficient? Plus, London is a walking city with views to appreciate.

5:19 am  
Anonymous tilda said...

Hmmm... angry today are we?

You're right for not running after guy with purse... random kids stabbing people everywhere these days!!

6:57 pm  
Blogger Doom/Blondie said...

First class argument.

I don't drive either.

Although, some times I fucking wish I did.

7:23 pm  
Blogger sheriff of nothing said...

rant indeed!

2:25 am  

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