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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Just do as your bloody told eh !!

Soo , Me and Little Mistress went out to a Mexican restaurant last night and then went to the pub and got royally drunk..

We had a nice lie-in this morning then went for breakfast and I've just put her on the train home as she's working tomorrow .

So , what happened at the end of Tues studio session , it was exactly as I'd predicted , it was uncomfortably edgy and the engineer guy was hovering over my shoulder the whole fukin time so in the end I took JR outside for a cigarette break and I'm just like " sorry J mate , I can't work like this , get me all the tracks on cd and I'll take it over to my place and we'll mix it there ."

Anyway , we returned to the studio and I told the engineer what I had said to JR , and of course the engineer starts to make all these excuses about why it needed to be mixed in his studio and not mine and coz it was started here it should be finished here and " It'll be a real pain in the arse to tranfer all the tracks to cd , it'll take me ages " ... And blagh , blagh , blagh , blagh , blagh , blagh , blagh !!!

It was almost as if he knew best and that was about the size of that . Trouble was he wasn't getting the right result , it was sounding mixed but unproduced , in other words fukin lame !!

After about an hour of going round and round in circles I decided enough was enough and totally just put my foot down ..

" Ok , stop , I'm not asking anymore , I'm telling , I want all the tracks laid seperately on a cd and that's it , no excuses , no if's or but's , no nothing: that's what I want and that's what's gonna happen !!! "

He wasn't a happy bunny at all about it , but , so fuck , it's a competitive world out there and I'm not having my mate paying a fortune for a non result .. End of !!

So , I'm waiting for JR to turn up at my place with the cd as I speak/write , then we're going to the pub and we're gonna discuss just exactly what it is HE wants production wise from HIS track and then I'm gonna make him happy ....

And that's about the size of that really ...

Why can't stuff just be easy in life ya know , EASY !!!

Ok , I hear the door bell ringing so I'm outa here ..

Bye ..


Blogger steve said...

Hey London Cokehead!

I played in rock/ metal bands for years and actually played in a metal band in Denver, Colorado called Whitechapel. Being a Londoner, you surely know where that is. Anyway, my band wanted to record a new demo and got our singers' friend to come over to our rehearsal place with his mobile studio. The band laid down the tracks to five songs without any difficulty. Singer shows up a few hours later, as planned, to do the vocal tracks. Well he shows up completely hammered, reeking of whiskey. This was obviously a very bad thing as he was a recovering alcoholic. All the time I knew him I never saw him drink. Nice fucking timing, right? He denied being drunk despite the ability to walk and talk very well. I am beyond pissed off as this is very unprofessional and makes us look like a bunch of fools. He starts trying to do the vocal tracks, convulsing like Joe Cocker during an epileptic fit. he is screeching the words, forgetting lyrics, forgetting the melodies, etc. In short it was a fucking disaster. We pulled him after a few torturous minutes and he left in a drunken rage. We tried to keep him there as he was in no shape to drive, but as he was bordering on violence, he wouldn't listen to us. After that I pulled the engineer aside and told him that obviously the vocal tracks were garbage. He was actually very cool about it. There isn't really any point to my story other than the music biz is a tough, cutthroat business. But despite it all, they were the best years of my life. Good luck to you! Rock on!


5:40 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Phew !!!

8:50 pm  
Blogger what's_my_line? said...

LOL. Nice comment.

Get you own blog.

7:16 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Yeah , like no shit !!

4:36 am  

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