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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

New toys , new toys !!!

So , I final took delivery of my new audio interface yesterday and I must say I'm kinda blown away by it ... I got in last night pissed and connected this thing up just thinking " well ya know, just another interface thingy " but , I ran thru it my usual choices of music to evaluate speaker systems with ( now there's a post in itself ... Ummm )

And , Fuck , it sounds like velvet ...

No really , it sounds fukin fat , like professionally fat ... As fuck !!

Fuck me ...

Sorry , I'm listening to Massive Attack " Angel " and you can hear everything ...

And...I mean everything

What's right in the mix , what's wrong , fukin all of it ..

Top ..

All good , in fact .. all very good !!!

Anyway !!!

So what was last nights band night like ?

Well apart from the fact I took my digi camera to take some pics , but forgot to put the fukin battery in the damn thing , it was a really good night ..

I was engineering this jazz covers band that I do maybe once or twice a year and these guys are a lot of fun , they did a jazz cover on 50 cent " in da club " which was interesting to say the least , but it really worked , plus all the usual Sinatra , Rat pack , latin jazz and pop tune covers that they tear up and it all equates to a right laugh . Plus the lead singer can really fukin sing !!

These guys get such a great sound on stage that it just makes my job an absolute breeze , I kinda like nights like that and we were finished and out of the venue by 10:30 so it was an easy peezy night ... Not like tonight though , I've got about 8 bands to do in 6 hours for this showcase thing , so I expect I'll be running around like a headless chicken by 6 pm .. O dear , it's all work I suppose !!!

Anyway , I'm gonna go play with my new audio toy thingy .. Tee hee !!

I am like a child ..

In a toy shop ..

Oh so , what the fuck , I'm having fun anyway ..

Ok , toy box out ..

Bye ...


Blogger what's_my_line? said...

Gratz on the new rig.

3:16 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Ta !!

3:40 pm  

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