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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

And I would just like to thank !!!

Oooo , last night was good , there was some fukin excellent bands playing ( which makes a change ) and get this , the promoter actually got the crowd to about-face and thank me for doing such a great job of the sound ? This , never ever happens and totally made my night , in fact , I was kinda blown away ..

" Yes , I would just like to thank all the people who have supported me over the years , Mum , Dad , I luv you , Little Mistress for being there , Bernie the washer woman for your attention to detail and for cleaning my socks , Mandu the ( dead ) cat for the cuddles ( catmandu ... get it , he used to have a mate called astrophy !!! ) , and those little rubber feet things on the bottom of studio monitors .. You know it's only right . Thanks again , yes ... I luv you all , and last but not least , the bands , and remember I only make you louder .. Havit !!! "

Anyway , I digress ..

So , yeah , there where ( were ... ehh !! ) some awesome ( dude ) bands playing last night and no real cockups to speak of , so all in all the kind of night that makes you luv your job ..

So , what's on the cards for today ? Well I'm taking the day off to play in my home studio with my new toy. I was supposed to be having quite an intense studio session today , but my partner in crime seemingly had a bit of a large one last night ( see it's not just me ya know !!! ) so that's not gonna happen .. That's the beauty of being in the music game , you don't have to lie through you back teeth to get a day off work ... You just tell it like it is ..

" Ooof , I can't make it to work today , I got kinda fucked up with the lads last night "

Fair enough ..

That's all you have to say , none of this " I've got a tummy bug , I'm really not very well , I'll see how I feel after din dins but I don't think I'm welly well enough today , I'm very sorry.. Ooooo "

Na , fuck that , we tell it like it is and the music biz ain't gonna grind to halt just because I had 8 pints of Stella and a gram of charlie with the lads on a Wednesday night ...

Ok , I'm starving hungry so I'm off out for Breakfast ..

Also , I absolutely love this fukin site it rules with a big sharp pointy stick thing !!

And , It's not April 1st is it ???

Oh , and lighten the fuck up please lads ... The worlds too small for humourless people , it's old fashioned and kinda dull , thanks !!

If you can't laugh at yourselves then what's the point eh !!!

Ok , Bye ...


Blogger velvetbabe said...

happy birthday to you!
was mine too
jan 14th


i see the club scene hasn't changed much, lad.........(by those pix)


5:23 pm  
Anonymous tilda said...

lol.. hmm, Ha ha cut oil imports b 75%?? Things that make me go into a rant...

Your 'thank you' speech was pretty good!


6:59 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Thanks , you know it's as it is ( or was )

6:30 am  

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