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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Doesn't it just make you sic ( sic )

Greed , greed , greed maybe if the majors actually paid the artists in the first place I would have more sympathy with them over digitally distributed music , but I don't , sorry ... I still believe that if you buy a piece of music , it's yours to do what the fuck you want with it .. end of , but , you know why the major labels are all in a tiz about people ripping them off , well , it's because they've been ripping artists off themselves for fukin years ..

The thief will always be more paranoid about receiving a dose of his own medicine than the non-thief because theft is always on his mind ..

Put this statement therefore into the context of a major record label , and then you start to see the bigger picture ..

Also , I just don't get this ? Why do the powers that be insist on spoiling all the fun , I mean like who gave you a " fuck with my life licence " , Ok , it's like this you know , I'm a big boy , I know the risks , I'm not gonna go out stealing to feed a habit , I'm not interfering with anyone elses life , I have a job , I earn money , so it's damn well up to me what I do with my fukin money and if I wanna replace ( or augment ) my after dinner wine with a gram of coke , who the fuck are you to interfere , I mean , really , who the fuck are you to tell me what I can and can't do in my private life when it's not hurting anyone else but myself ... Ooohh !!! authority really pisses me off , big time ...

Leaves us the fuck alone and concentrate on some real crime for a change ...

Ok , I'm gonna elaborate this point a bit with this quote from Sir Ian Blair the Metropolitan Police Commissioner

" People need to think that young men died in estates in North London so that someone else can have a wrap of cocaine "

Ok , fair enough , but , you lot cause these problems because you deem it illegal in the fukin first place , which in turn drives it underground and causes all the shit : yet the shit at the bottom of this post is perfectly fukin legal ... What gives eh !!

Cocaine aint gonna go away , no matter what you do , so just make it legal , tax it , and have done with it ??

Oooh , after dinner fun , it'll be the end of everything as we know it .... Errr yeah , whatever !!

Ha !!

Ok , some club pic fun !!

Note : If you are of a nervous disposition ( or your eating any food... at all !!! ) , I suggest you don't look at these pics for too long !!!

Click any pic to enlarge ... I double dare ya !!!

The set is entittled the " aftershock of Aftershock " ... For anyone who doesn't know what Aftershock is , it's a fukin 'orrible club drink that tastes like alchoholic fukin mouth wash , drives people to do ridiculously stupid things and if you think cocaine is trouble ( Mr old bill please take note ) try some of this shit for size ....

Ok , so an aftershock promotion night ( taken some time ago ) can start off moderately pleasant ...

But... it will soon degrade into this ..



And finally ( after such a pleasant evening ) .... will end up with...this !!!

Ummm ... lovely ..

Note : this is one of the mild sic pics , I'm not even gonna post the bad ones !!!

So running a club can be glamorous ... Think again batman !!!

Bye ...


Blogger r-e-n spells ren but i'm raw said...

i guess i'm still a bit hung over

7:48 pm  
Blogger mcdolph said...


10:41 pm  
Blogger Doom/Blondie said...

"A thief HATES another thief with a bigger bag, and that's how you know he is a thief."

That's how one of my old bosses put it.


2:48 am  
Anonymous Mango said...

"The thief will always be more paranoid about receiving a dose of his own medicine than the non-thief because theft is always on his mind .."

Well said.

8:01 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Thanks mango ..

6:54 am  

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