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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Smoke the fukin government !!!

I spilt coffee on the bloody Mac keyboard yesterday and completely fucked it up , so I had to go to the West End and buy a new one , I got home last night and they'd given me the fukin wireless version by mistake ?? I don't use bluetooth as it trys to connect to every bloody mobile phone user that walks past the fukin house and I don't know if somebody else in close proximity uses bluetooth as well , but sometimes the keyboard would start to type all on it's own ( creepy ) and I found that programmes would just quit by themselves , not what you need really ??

I had to cancel my mate C in the studio today and go back to the West End to change the bloody thing ... So , I've just got back home again , this time with a keyboard that actually fukin works !!

Last nights gig was cancelled as they'd only sold about 5 fukin tickets , so I just went down the pub and got pissed with my mate A ..

Ok , so today our rights have been chipped away at one more time by our twatty fukin government !!

What can you say eh , a total ban , everywhere , for fucks sake !!

Now that's freedom of choice for you eh !!

Before you read further .. Read this : Ok I have nothing against a smoking ban and I can see the argument for a ban by Non Smokers , my dad had a heart transplant before he died so I'm fully aware of the risks involved .. But , I think a full ban on smoking is wrong and I think that smokers ( all 20 million of us ) should have the right to be allowed to have their own smoking pubs .. Ok !!

Now you can read on ....

I like nothing more than a pint and a tab in a run down old mans pub on a Sunday afternoon ..

But again , my civil liberties are being taken away by a bunch of fukin girly do-gooders.

Tony , mate , all the good things are bad !!! Your a fukin prick .. Leave me alone to make my own choices please ..

There's this pub that I used to love to go to in Kensington , until one day they decided to make it no-smoking , and you know what ? It's totally fukin dead nowadays , with no fukin atmosphere at all !!!

You know , It's lovely to know that I can drink myself to death for 24 hours , without the fear of getting lung cancer ??

And I can walk out the door of a smoke free pub and breath in the freshly laid fumes of a SUV rumbling down the highstreet. How perfectly lovely ??

What you gonna ban next eh , err how about drinking in pubs or those little pork scratching things or laughing or swearing ?

I suppose we'll all have to go outside for a tab ... In the fukin rain , and the cold .. Fuckers !!

I don't mind restaurants and most pubs having a ban , that's fair enough , but every pub and club in England , leave it out !! You won't be able to go outside clubs for a quick smoke so I guess I'll just not go clubbing anymore then eh ??

I remember doing a gig in the Troubadour on Santa Monica Blvd , Hollywood a few years ago and about every half hour , the club would completely empty as all the kids piled outside for a cigarette and I remember thinking : " You would never see something as fukin stupid as that in England !!! " , how wrong I was ?

I'm not sure what I'm gonna do ? Maybe It'll make me give up smoking , but , the last time I did that , I put on about three stone in weight ( which was fukin awful ) and suddenly I could taste everything ( including the car fumes , which I fukin hated ) and also it made me think far too quickly , I became hyperactive and really fukin depressed for some reason . So I started smoking again .. I don't know eh !!!

Fukin nanny state !!!

If this gets any worse , I'm gonna leave this country ( the country I love !! ) ... For good !!

Laters ...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're such a fuckin loser. We already live in a nanny state. The smoking ban is a good thing so we don't have to smell your crap. Yea, go outside. Yea, leave the country. Now, please. Fuckin freak loser.

3:03 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Ha... Fuck off cunt , I don't mind the ban .. But I want to have the choice to be able to smoke in some pubs .. Preferably not frequented by a toser like you eh !!

3:07 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Non-smokers should also have choices. It costs the NHS £1.5billion a year to treat people with smoking related diseases. My dad died from a heart-attack aged 40 (aside from smoking 20 a day, a very healthy person!). Smokers always talk about their rights, but please stop being selfish and think of other people!! It's in everyone's best interests to have a total ban, why should your addictions effect other people? No-one likes change.

4:15 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Ok I have nothing against a smoking ban , and I can see the argument for and against by Non Smokers , my dad had a heart transplant before he died so I'm fully aware of the risks involved .. But , I think a full ban is on smoking is wrong and I think that smokers ( all 20 million of us ) should have the right to be allowed to have their own smoking pubs .. Ok !!

4:34 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Ok and it may cost the NHS £1.5 billion a year to treat smoking related diseases , but and it's a big but .. The government makes £10 billion a year from tabacco revenue so that argument falls flat on it face right there !!

5:00 pm  
Blogger headphonesex said...

I am fucking furious with Blair and his cuntish mates. Do you remember reading any of this shit in the election manifesto?

And as for your commenters - what, we already live in a nanny state so we should bend over and take it up the arse even further? Pubs have no smoking areas already. If you want to avoid us smoking losers you can go and sit there. You'd be by yourself though, gazing enviously at the laughter and good times radiating from the smokers section.

I was going to give up smoking myself, however i'm a stubborn bastard and there's no way on earth i'm going to stop now. I wouldn't like to give Tony fucking Bliar the satisfaction.

I'd go and protest outside parliament if those chicken shit wankers hadn't banned me from doing that as well.

Things are so bad i'm going to have to vote tory in the next election. Christ i'm angry. If they pass this ID card shit i'm going to leave the country.

5:34 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah that argument falls flat on it's face because it only means more lives are saved eh? Ooh and how could this country run without tobacco revenue?

"my civil liberties are being taken away by a bunch of fukin girly do-gooders" -poor, deprived you! I love your list of addict-excuses though, no-one wants you to get depressed and overweight and have everyone leave the club every half an hour, or God forbid... you start to think too quickly?!!! whoa!

"smokers should have the right to be allowed to have their own smoking pubs" -so your non-smoking mates who want to spend time with you can sit in a stale nicotine-stained "atmospheric" "traditional" ye olde style pub? Smoke at home!

Man, things have to change, do you actually care about other people? We don't all live our lives recklessly and carefree, you're concerned about Iraq and car emissions -just not about the damage you directly cause? I have no sympathy for you I'm afraid!

5:34 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

I'm not after sympathy , just basic human rights will do ..

Your missing my point completely , I've said I don't mind a smoking ban..

But , I do wanna be able to have a drink in a smokers pub where you can smoke , that's all I'm saying !!

And I'm not the only one !!

6:07 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm actually appalled you think smoking in public (well pubs, bars and clubs!) is a basic human right. Just like Chavs should be able to smash up cars and set fire to bins -to express themselves!

Stats say there are 12 million smokers in the UK, 70% of them would like to quit. We have a total population of 60 million in the UK. That's 6% of the total population that actually want to smoke! So yeah, let's have specialist pubs!

"there is absolutely nothing to give up… there is no genuine pleasure or crutch in smoking. It is just an illusion, like banging your head against a wall to make it pleasant when you stop" -Alan Carr

6:34 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

I don't think that smoking in public places is a basic human right ?

However I think that freedom of choice is !!

7:01 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When your choice affects other people's in such a serious way it's a little petty! You still have the choice to smoke at home and on the street, no-one's taking that away from you! It's not the end of the world, just the beginning of a more hopeful future.

7:19 pm  
Blogger thenothingsomeonesearching said...

Hey Bro,
First time caller.
I too live in a nanny state! We're the bastard children of the unlawful union of Bush/Blair.
So like I said that makes us brothers.
Some advice:
Save your butts and start random and continual dumping raids on these uppity establishments.
Before long it will become a hallowed tradtion, widespread, and so godawful annoying they'll buckle.
the way to bring down governments is not through bombs but cheap tricks.
Keep Howling!!
I'll stop by again sometime.

7:48 pm  
Blogger Citizen Grim said...

Hey, brave anonymous commenter, smoking in a private place IS a basic right - it's called liberty to do as we damn well please. If you dont want to be around smoke, avoid that specific bar. Personal responsibility always trumps gov't legislation (or ought to).

What next? Telling people they cant have cars or swimming pools or pocketknives? (For the public safety, of course! Won't someone think of the CHILDREN!)


Remember, remember, the fifth of November.

10:09 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Thanks for that Citizen Grim

11:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Citizen Grim,

I have no problem with you smoking in private. In fact, please do. Smoking kills. Sadly, it doesn't kill quicky enough so we'd be rid of you smelly freaks.

Smokers have no respect for themselves or anyone else. They use "freedom" and "liberty" as alibis for selfishness and self-interest, the way Bush and Blair do. It's not about "freedom" and "liberty" it's all about you. You're so fuckin special. Smoke some more and die already.

11:34 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Hey, brave anonymous commenter, smoking in a private place IS a basic right" -that's right, no-one's saying you can't! Smoke in private places, not public ones spackhead!

12:43 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Ok , if anyone leaving these comments drives a car ... Than i'm sorry but your full of shit , Coz your causing more damage than I could ever possibly do .. Period !

Don't try and argue against this point , coz the facts speak for themselves mateys !!

And that's my final word on the subject !!

3:15 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't drive a car. And you still smell like an unflushed toilet. Smoke yourself to death. Soon please.

3:28 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Im sure you will once your old enough !!

3:30 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't drive so I have no idea what damage you think I'm causing?!? Aside from damage to your usually arselicking superfan comments page and your ego?! I take it you regularly travel via plane? A plane journey from the UK to US causes as much pollution as an average car does in a whole year. Were you going to cycle to Poland? How did you get to San Francisco?Nuff said really!

The point you have tried to make is just pathetic! As you said, the FACTS speak for themselves! and you're a fool!

Thats my final word.

3:37 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Your comment has been saved and will be visible after blog owner approval." hahahahahah!!! damaged ego? where are your "friends"?

3:40 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Err , I'm not the one complaining about it mate .. You are ??

3:45 pm  
Blogger mdhatter said...

london c., i got 'yer back. Lr me have a shot at it.

If I have to smell your fucking perfume all day, and your fucking vanilla candles, and your hot coffee drinks, and your sanitary bathroom sprays, and your shit stank in the vicinity of the restroom, so why should you cough smugly at me while I indulge in a smoke?

Do i tell you to use more bathroom spray next time? to wear less crappy perfume? to have less buttsex?

No. You righteous prick, i don't.

Nor do i seek to make laws regulating ass crack smell, ass crack cover-up, or ass-crack raiding action.

But you hate smoking sooooo much, that you're willing to break that social boundary and try to convert me. Bring a bible next time, i might listen.

We probably agree that smoking AT work, in an enclosed office let's say, is maybe not a good thing. But a law that prohibits property owners from making good faith accomodations (ventilation, filters, etc....) to court the business or employment of smokers, at their own establishment.... all while YOU wear too much perfume, is damned galling.

Have you even HEARD of regulation, accomodation, compromise?

Why can a bar owner not install proper filters to clean the air, proper.

I know my smoking grosses you out, but butt sex grosses a lot of people out too, and it's not illegal (most places anyhow). Also, your perfume grosses me out.

I'm not sure accomodations can be made for public butt-sex, or that resrictions should be placed on perfume, but I'm pretty damned sure that enjoying a cigarette with a pint is one of lifes simple pleasures.

And there are public places to do that. To excess, even.

Here in the US, the near 100% tax on cigarettes was enacted to pay for the healthcare gap "caused" by smoking. (speaking as a toxicologist, smoking increases exposure to a range of toxins. e.g. workers who smoked near asbestos, generally got worse cases of asbestosis and died. meaning? Smoking is a force multiplier for inhalable environmental toxins generally by increasing the particulate load on the lungs, and simultaneously decreasing the ciliary response.)(You cough less when you should cough more). Strangely the tax monies go into the "General Fund" as just another non-earmarked revenue stream.

So, in my view, I've given quite enough up ground to the forces of untaxed perfume, and untaxed bathroom spray. Butt-sex should not ever be taxed.

that said, beer makes you stupid, beer is taxes, and there's a place to drink beer taxed by he people, in public.

and I still fucking hater your perfume. But I will probably never mention it again, and that is where we differ.

[rant off]

12:53 am  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Cheers for that .. this idiots kinda doin my head in , I suppose their's always one .. You should see the comments he left , I haven't and I'm not gonna publish them , but he's kinda had a warning ..3 strikes and your out with me I'm afraid ..

It's amazing what info can be gathered with an IT networking degree under your belt ( thank you Cisco systems ) .. Nuff said ..

Hope things can return to normal now !!

3:31 am  
Blogger mdhatter said...

sometimes baiting them is the best thing you can do

nothing quite like winding someone up

4:30 am  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Damn right ...

Guess thats a trait I need to master eh !!

4:34 am  
Anonymous Mango said...

In support of your noble cause I'm going to smoke like a fiend today.

1:59 pm  
Blogger Citizen Grim said...

I should point out that I dont smoke, and I'm not a big fan of it, to be honest.

But I dont think anyone has a right to tell them not to.

6:23 pm  
Blogger headphonesex said...

One of your moronic new 'friends' is mouthing off on my blog now.

Did you just get linked to from some 'pro life' website or something.

She's got me quite worked up now.


1:37 am  
Blogger Assistant Atlas said...

I gotta give you props for mentioning the Troubadour. First club I ever threw up in. (yes, I did make it to the bathroom)

Also, it's one thing to ban smoking in California, where it's always nice and pleasant outside if you want to smoke, but another thing entirely in Britain.

How the fuck do you have a cigarette in the goddam rain?

Also, as we might've guessed from my country's flirtation with alcohol Prohibition, laws have unintended consequences. Banning alcohol was directly response for the surge of gang violence in the 1920s and 30s. How do you think Al Capone made all his money?

For smoking, it's a bit different. Nearly every single club worth its salt, lime and tequila (the Troubadour being a big exception) now has a smoking patio. And inevitably, that's where all the beautiful people hang out. So go to any club in LA and what do you see? The pretty people smoking and the ugly ones inside. Add that to the new rebel allure that comes with laws cracking down on things and I'd say smoking pretty much has a lock on 'cool' for the next few decades.

Mind you, I'm not saying I think it's cool (i think it's a nice way to pass the time). I'm just saying we shouldn't underestimate the power of pretty people and rebel cool.

...hmmm. I think I just may have figured out why I work in Hollywood.

3:58 am  

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