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Monday, February 13, 2006

A friend in need , can be a real pain in the arse !!

OK , Sooo ... Monday again , just a couple of meetings to go to in the West End today , so I can have a pretty relaxing day really , the weekend was a complete washout though. I got a call on Sat afternooon from my mate B and he's like : " Wanna come to a party in Canterbury ? It's SV's birthday so we're all off for a right jolly up and there's a space in the car " so I'm like : " Cool, yeah man , totally up for that mate , I'll go see the man on the way !! "

So off I trots to meet the man in West London , so I do the do's and then go to a local boozer to wait for B . Anyway , I get a call from my mate S and she's in a really bad way , her boyf has attacked her and she needs a shoulder to cry on " Ok , I was gonna go out but I'll meet up if you really need me to !! " , so we arrange to meet and I'm just left thinking : ' Damn , I really wanna go to this party , but a mate in trouble , is a mate in trouble ' . I call back B and tell him reluctantly that I'll have to take a rain ckeck this time as something has come up !!

Damn it !!!

Sooo , I sit in the pub waiting for S , and I wait , and wait , and wait , and fukin wait ??

What is it with women and fukin timelines ??

She eventually arrives at like 9:30 and by this point I'm fukin pissed off to say the least , but the last thing she needs is me having a go as well so I bite my tongue and buy her a drink .. We sit down and I'm like : " Ok babe , what's up mate ? " Her phone rings and she's like " Oh hold on I have to take this " , So off she trots to take the call outside as the pub is pretty noisy .. And I wait , and wait , and wait , and fukin wait .. She comes back in about 30 mins later and doesn't even apologise ? I say again , she's going thru shit so I bite my tongue !! She sits down and her phone rings again so off she trots outside again and I'm left in the pub again , by myself getting pissed and pissed off .. Fuck this for a game of soldiers , I go to the toilet and do a line of coke and wait like a fukin doughnut ?? She comes back in after another 20 mins and sits down , but as soon as she does , guess what ? The phone goes again !! So this time I'm left alone in the fukin pub looking like a spare part getting pissed and now high and feeling really pissed off by this point !!

This scenario continues all fukin night , I must have said like 10 words to her the whole fukin night ?? It gets to 12:30 am and I'm fukin livid , the only time I've seen S is when she came in to borrow my phone battery cos hers had ran out of juice !!!

I recover my phone battery and get a cab home in a right strop !!

I then proceed to sit up till like 7am getting drunk and finishing off the drugs by myself ???

She's been ringing me all day , but you know what , fuck her , I can't be bothered , I wouldn't do that to an enemy , never mind an old friend ??

I could've been having a right jolly up in Canterbury as well , twat !!!

So , yeah , a shit weekend was had .. Nevermind , I'll know exactly what to do next time she need my shoulder to cry on !!

I'll say no !!

Fuck it ...

Sooo , a friend in need , can be a real pain in the arse ..

No wonder your boyf is treating you badly honey , your probably driving him up the fukin wall if your treating him with the same blatant disrespect that you've just shown me mate !!

Good luck to you , that's all I'm saying !!!

Ok what else has been happening in the world ?

Err , Wrong Move Bozo ??

Why is this even being debated in the national press , Iran is not a nuclear threat , I've said it before , it's being set-up , this article is much more on the money though and this although a little theoretical in it's content , is probably not far from the truth .. Can't believe even the BBC are being fooled into falling for that nuclear shit though ??? Oh dear , It's all going a little bit WMD ( Weapons that magically disappeared .. )

Also , don't really know what to make of this ...

But you can watch the video and make up your own mind Here .... But don't take seriously any of the articles on this site as the News of the World really is full of contriving , scheming bollocks , shame half the country actually reads ( and believes ) this pile of shite newspaper ..

And finally on this subject ... Ooops , what's the plan Stan ???

Am I getting too political on this blog , ummm , I may have to move all the political shit to another blog just to cope with the content !!!

But what would I know , I'm just a cokehead !!!

And I so so soooo want one of these ... Please !!

Ok , I'm hungry so I'm off out for lunch ..

Bye ..


Blogger Doom/Blondie said...

Hey man!

Thanks a lot for pointing me in the right direction - a week and about a ZILLION e-mails later it looks like I have secured clearance with the Record and Publishing companies!

thanks dude


5:04 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Well done kidda , now you know how to do it , you can do it all the time ..

And I bet you got it for free and learnt quite a bit about how it all works publishing wise as well ?

Glad to be of service :0)

5:10 pm  
Blogger HeroineGirl said...

Hello dear,

Thanks for the comment on my blog, we should catch up one day.
Im in london now. I have met Doom and he is a really nice guy xx

6:07 pm  
Blogger pop renaissance said...

when that phone rang the 2nd time and she got up to answer, i would've been out the back door and not said shit. AND told the ugliest dude in the pub that she wanted him before i left.

7:01 pm  
Blogger Doom/Blondie said...

I *wish* I could do it all the time!

It is still confusing but it makes some sense now.

I think the angle about being a new'director works as well as throwing in a weenie bit of charm!

But furthermore, when it is finished that is TWO record companies I will be sending the finished product off to ALONG (as they asked) with my new showreel and contact card!

Which is good exposure.



12:04 am  
Blogger 357martini said...

A friend with weed is better

1:43 am  
Blogger stressqueen said...

You are obviously a very nice guy and a good friend though - good call on not taking her calls the next day. What a silly cow.

Sorry you missed the shindig in Canterbury but at least you occupy the moral high ground for the time being. Like your other commenter said, you should've just called it a night and buggered off early and caught a late train....but you didn't cause you're a good bloke.

And keep it up with the odd comment on politics, I like it.

1:53 am  
Anonymous tilda said...

Wow your friend sounds like a very selfish drama queen.. And she did not apologise at all?? God.
Like pop said... you should have been out the door after second phone call, sorry you missed your party!!

7:26 am  

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