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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Polish brits and stupid Supercomputers ?

Ok , Guess I popped open a can of worms with my smoking ban views then eh !!

Enough already me says ..

I'm not gonna really comment much on the Brits apart from the fact that Kate Bush was not recognised for Aerial so the voters know fuck all about real music in my opinion , but I suppose you got it right with the Artic Monkeys who are fukin brilliant and just make me ( after 16 years ) wanna move back up north !! As for the the Kaiser chaps , it's a good album but nothing we haven't heard before ??

Sooo , today London is stunning ? It's spectacularly grey , cold and it's pissing down with rain and to be honest if I didn't have to go to work , I would have stayed in bed all day and hibernated .. Roll on summer please .. It's all a bit SAD around here !!

I have a couple of bands to engineer tonight so it should be a doddle ( I hope ). I've just had a call asking me to go to Poland and do this band ( and then stay on for an extended holiday ) mid March . I jumped at the chance coz I've had some right laughs in Poland before , but , and it's a big but ( just like my ex's ) I checked my diary only to find out that I'm booked elsewhere on the same night .. Fucker , the people that have booked me usually do pretty pants mediocre band nights .. But if i've already said yes , then I've already said yes !!!

Damn it , I've just missed the chance to ogle at some of the most beautiful women on the face of the planet and get paid for it ... Bugger !!!

Now that was funny ( ish ) .. Me and my mate A were prattling about on-line ( pissed drunk ) the other week and he's like : " Let's theoreticaly desigh the best studio mac system we can for a laugh !! " You can do that on Apples web site you know .. Sooo , after much tooing and froing we designed this system with like an X-serve and three nodes and like 5 terrabytes of ram and a country full of hard disk space etc. etc. etc. as one does when pissed .. I think it all came to about £75,000 .
Anyway , as we were stupidly pissed and stuff , my mate A decided it would be a fun Idea to hit the send button on the fukin keyboard ( barring in mind that Apple have all my details in their server from past purchases ) Ha haaaa mate , funny as fuck ?? But , boys will be boys , so he got away with one kidney punch and a dead arm !!!

Ok , I'd forgotten all about this (as you do ) coz you tend not to remember about stuff that you did when you were silly drunk !!

Oh no !! Apple man has just called to tell me my order was ready and if I just tell him about my finance details , he can deliver it in 3 days ... Oooops !!!

Ouch !! I've just had to explain embarrassingly to Apple man exactly what had happened ..

Luckily , Apple man just laughed and said ( although not usually on this scale ) that it happens all the time and coz of their level of business it'll just go to someone else anyway .. Errr , thank fuck for that !!!

Ha !! There must be a whole army of people out there who practice drunk online stupididity on a regular basis ... And I've just joined their ranks .. Ouch !!!

Doughnut ..

Alrighty then !!

Ok , I suppose I should be going to work ..

Bye !!


Blogger mdhatter said...

75K, not bad 'tal

12:23 am  
Blogger Smartypants said...

As long as you aren't smoking in bed, I think drinking and surfing the web is pretty benign really.

$75,000. I would have thought it would be more.

1:38 pm  
Blogger thenothingsomeonesearching said...

Hey Cokehead.
I dropped you a line right in the middle of that nasty row you were having with "anonymous"a few days ago about the smoking ban.
"She" has since contacted my blog with claims that you censored and blocked her postings.
"She" goes on further to claim that you edit your own postings.
I told her that I agree that censorship sucks and she is free to post to my blog whenever she feels like it.
Its your blog and you are free to do what you want with it as far as I am concerned.
Furthermore, I don't know specifically what she is talking about.
But, if you feel like it you can hash it out with her on my blog.
She posted on my Feb. 17 entry.
I am curious, if you do edit your blog, what do you edit and why?
If you do block posters on your blog, why do you?
So far I have gotten a kick out of your blog and tend not to take things too serious anywhoo.
Drama, drama, drama. Puts hair on your chest!

7:55 pm  

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