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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Big fukin rig !!

Sooo , Fridays gig was fukin rockin ... I got my hands dirty doing FOH on what is probably one of the top club sound systems in the world , like no shit people !! , not the best live sound system , but the one of the best club sound systems easily ... This club has six one and a half storey high speaker stacks which are like easily 10k each ( that's ten thosand watts each , your hifi is probably around sixty watts , so you kinda get the picture !! ) ...

What a fukin amazing system , fat as you like .. The whole thing is ethernet'd up so you can walk around with this little wifi box thing and it will Eq the whole system remotely including the bands wedges ( those little wedge speakers you can see on the floor in front of any live band ) .. Most have cost a fukin packet that rig I can tell you , one amp = £ 4000 and there are 20 of them just for the main rig ... Put it this way , the DJ booth has a sound system big enough for a 400 capacity nightclub and that's just for the fukin dj's , the lighting rig has a controller that could easily accommodate a Pink Floyd concert with room to spare ., way over the top for a club , your talking major , major investment here , I'd say somebody loves a bit of bass with their cup of tea I can tell ya !!!

So yeah , the night rocked .. We left the club at around five and went to the afterparty at my mate C's house in West London and that's were all the fun really started as we all got absolutely fukin trollied !!! .. My mate C recorded what I think was one of the best cases of loss of balance ( falling over ) I've every seen as he tried to step over a foot high coffee table full of JD and beer and vodka and ashtrays and cocaine etc... He lost his balance , put one foot on the end of the table which then catapulted everything into the air which in turn went flying acrooss the room but as the table right'd itself he was still trying to find his balance and so he ends up sorta running on the spot on top of the tables now wet surface before finally losing his balance completely and gracefully piling in a sort of forward somersault movement into a stack of records in the corner of the room ... I half expected everyone to hold up cards saying , 8.5 , 9 , 9 , 8.5 , 9 etc. , you know gymnastics style .. Ha .. fukin funny as fuck .. Luckly we didn't lose too much drink etc ...

So I left the party at 1 o'clock sat afternoon got the train home and then slept all day yesterday , and now I'm back and writing this , the clock's turned back last night so we all ( In England ) lost an hour's sleep last night .. Ummm !! Anyway , moving swiftly along ?

I stand corrected , we gained an hour seemingly ( Thanks Lord Doom you have spoken !! )...

The clock's turned back last night so we all ( In England ) gained an hour's sleep last night .. Ummm !! Anyway , still moving swiftly along ?

Sooo , Benny Scale of Fuckedness = Oh !! around 840 i'd say plus another 20 for C's fall ..

I'm gonna kick back with the Sunday papers and watch some Dvd's , cook some food and generally try and recover from Friday night's Shenanigans .... I have tomorrow off and then Tues I'm gonna go to my mate B's studio , were swapping a day of my time for a studio amplifier he doesn't need and I want badly .. And then Wed = band night , Thur's another band night and then Fri the club again ( I got so many call's from the club staff on Fri night , how do you do this , turn on that etc. that I might as well have been there ) , so that's next week all covered .. Gawd I'm busy at the moment ... All fun though !!

Oh yeah it's Halloween Monday night .. S's ( my ex's ) birthday .. Sooo , Happy birthday babe I still miss ya loads mate , shame I can't tell you in person , but hey ! , You can't have everything you want can ya ? Awww , big sad face ...

Right , food , papers , peace !!

Also ... This is fukin pathetic , what are we fukin children .. What the fuck is up with this fukin government .. Ok Tony Blair , first you let the American government bully you into war for no fukin reason , sending our squaddies to die so we can all keep trading in dollars , Oh yeah send em to die to support Americas out of control trade deficit ... Top Idea mate , then your trying to make us all have fukin ID cards ( By the way ... we don't fukin want em ) , now your trying to make us give up our civil liberties .. I don't want a fukin government babysitter thank you very much ... I thought it would be a good idea to vote you in , now I just think your a prick mate .. What's next mate a 9pm kerfew .. Mi5 were right all along , were slowly becoming a fukin police nanny state ??

Were a nation that like's to have a drink , deal with it ...

I do agree that we should ban alchopops , vodka jellies , etc. etc. though ... You see people drinking that shit at the club and your guaranteed to be scraping them off the floor by 3 o'clock ...


Blogger Doom/Blondie said...

The clocks went back....

so we all GAINED an hours sleep.

You madman.

5:36 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Oh yeah, gained / lost .. nevermind !!

7:51 pm  
Blogger velvetbabe said...

o mate, ye calls it all truth...

what has the west come too?

orwell mate!



(glad you see it!)

i have a big favor to ask you--how are you putting all the buttons down the right side of your blog? like the free speech one? (anfd the fab moon!) I can't figure out where I am supposed to put them on the template to make them 'show up!"

can you help?

I'll come back to see what you said--

thankee from a fan of your writing!
& brain!

5:52 am  
Blogger london cokehead said...

You can usually grab the code from their website ..

Eg , The free speech code is at ..

All you do is then copy and paste this code onto your links section in your blogg template , then preview your template to see if it looks right .. Pretty easy really and once you've done it a couple of times it becomes a breeze!

9:49 am  
Blogger what's_my_line? said...

For an 860 Benny, I think we can cut you some slack.

4:17 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Ha , A Benny 860 ... Sounds like a fukin superbike !!

4:30 pm  

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