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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Oh dear !!

Previously on Diary of a London cokehead :

Londoncokehead and Little Mistress set off for a weekend in the countryside to a residential studio where a mates recording his album ......

Sooo , the weekend was awash with stupid madness ..

Studio sesh + musicians + drugs + child like intentions = complete fukin carnage !!

Half an album to go and the music starts going off on some stupid tangent ... That's when you know it's time to put down the instruments , do some drugs and start playing silly buggers .

So that's exactly what we did !!

I managed to keep myself away from the mixing desk and have some real fun for a change ..

The booze flowed , the conversation turned from the moderately insane to the completely potty within the space of two hours and peaked as my mate J declared his undenying love for his Stratocaster guitar and as such were married about 3.30 am on the morning of the 23 oct 2005 ... Awww !!

One man and his fender !! , I think she's just stringing him along though !!

The drummer G was found (with a girl ) around 5 am rolling around in a broom cupboard ...
Can't wait to see those pictures ( and no , I'm not gonna post em .. The guy has a career you know !! ) ... He was discovered partly due to the girly shouts of " Hold on , the mops goin up me bum mate !! " .. Ha !!

The rest of the party just hung around and got shitfaced till the drugs ran out ...

Pete Doherty and Kate moss .. You aint got a patch on this lot kids ... Sorry an that !!

Me and little Mistress rolled out about 7 in the morning to bright sunshine ( Oooof !! ) , and somehow managed to find our way home ..

We slept a couple of hours and went for Sunday lunch .. As far as I was concerned the fukin Yorkshire puddings where talking to me ( something about the metaphysical reasoning behind being a baked bit of dough !! ) and the carrots looked like little spacepods ready to invade planet gravy at any moment !!

We didn't stay long for obvious reasons ..

We returned to my house and slept some more and then watched some DVDs and had a shag last night ...

I returned to Earth this morning with a bang ( cos I tripped and fell into the wardrobe ) ..

And now I am back at the old G5 trying to finish a mix and write this post !!

I feel suprisingly OK considering ..

Sooo ... Benny scale of fukedness = 910 Yep ...That's pretty fukin high people !!

So what's in store this week , Today = nothing , Tues = band night , Wed mixing at home , Thursday another band night , Fri = running the club ..

No rest for the wicked .. Still , all good !!

I need some food .

Also : Oh no !! , The end is nigh , we're all fukin doomed !!!

Fair play to the TV news reporter telling that story on C4 news last night for not bursting out in histerics ... He read , he giggled , the face contorted but he managed to keep it together !!

Fuck knows how ? I'd have fallen off the fukin chair in fits myself mate !!

Give that man a cigar !!!

Bye !!


Blogger headphonesex said...

910 is pretty fuckin high in more ways than one!

Hope you feel better than i do today... bleurgh.

james headphonesex

2:39 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Yeah mate , no shit !!

4:06 pm  
Blogger mr. tomas ubik said...

cause the party recap and career choice isnt enough, you have to flaunt the G5 too...thats it bruv....we're in a written fight.

its over....i cant stay mad....jealousy aint a reason.

7:00 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Ha ... Funny , I do luv the old G5 though ... It totally rocks !!

Want one of the Quad processor ones !!

7:19 pm  

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