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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Fukin British Banks !!

Sooo , Hoorah .. I'm not running the club Friday , I've been asked to engineer the band I went to Russia with at a huge central London gig which should be a hell of a lot of fun yo !! Party on dudes ...

I was working on a mix till 4am this morning so I'm a little tired , but I'm loving this working at home thing , I can work and then say watch a film and then do some more work and then make some food and watch a bit of TV then ... You get the picture , totally on your own time .. It's fukin great !! I could get used to this ..

So I'm off to do a band night this evening , I think it's a bit of an " Amateur night at the Apollo " sort of thing , so could be good , could be downright awfull .. We'll see !!

Rant of the day : I've just got off the phone to the bank ..

Dear Bank ... Stop fukin farming out fukin calls to foreign countries ( India I think ) , When I call you I want to be able to A. Talk to somebody fukin English and B. Talk to somebody who knows what the fuck they're on about !!

I'm transferring accounts at the mo and the bank transfered all my money but forgot to switch all the direct fukin debits .. Their fault entirely !! , So I get a letter this morning telling me I'm being charged £120 for four unpaid direct debits( they also shut the overdraft facility as I'm closing the first account ) .. Fuck You Bank !!

Me : " Well , can you tranfer some money back to the old account and pay the Direct debits ?? "

Them :" Err no sir that accounts is now closed "

Me: " Not closed enough for you to fukin charge me on it though , is it ?? "

Them : " I'm sorry sir you'll have to go to the branch where your opening the account " .. His words

Opening the fukin account , opened the account O P E N E D ... Speak fukin English mate , E N G L I S H !!

Me : " Thats the other side of fukin London , miles away you fukin doughnut !! "

Them : " I'm sorry sir but .... "

I slam the phone down ....

Arrrrrrrrrrrgggghhhh !!!!!!!

I'm not paying for your fuck ups , And now I'm getting real mad coz I'm speakin to somebody in fukin India to sort out my British bank problems ...

So now I have to travel right across London to my native branch to shout a lot there ( cos you can't speak to them on the fukin phone directly !!) .. Trouble is they've not sent me the cards for the new account yet .. And coz I won't use credit cards ( I fukin hate emm, total rip off !! ) I'm sorta stuck in the house .. For fucks sake !!!!!

Like I have the fukin time to sort this shit out !!

So I'm gonna have to borrow some money from the landlady to go and get my money out of my fukin bank account ... For fucks sake, how fukin embarrasing !! , It's like being a student again .. And I'm starving hungry , can't believe that I can't even take myself for fukin Lunch !!

Cunts !!!!

What do you have to do to get some fukin service nowadays ???

Jeezus , It's not like I don't put enough money through my accounts you tossers !!

Easy job : Transfer all my money and direct debits to a new account , you can't even get that right ???

Actually you know what , I 'm gonna change banks ... Fuck em !!

Yeah fuck em all !!!

I might just fukin charge them for fukin up my schedule ...

And I was having such a nice morning too !!!

Rant over !!

Right , lets do this then ...

Sorry if I'm being harsh , but I'm kinda pissed off !!

Bye !!


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Anonymous hEATHER said...

Banks are the same worldwide! I work for one in Canada and we feed people the same BS and piss them off the same way. Financial systems are VERY inefficent despite the daily changes to procedures. I do however, enjoy reading your posts each day. I lived in London for a summer and your posts make me miss the nightlife in London more then ANYTHING else! London, Ontario just doesn't quite cut it.

6:39 pm  
Blogger Basket said...

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Blogger LTNA said...

I had the same thing happen to me yesterday when I was calling my bank to change my contact info. I get some chick in India who I can't even understand. Speak American! Fuckin outsourcing.

And fuckin spam commenters.

9:56 pm  
Blogger Paige said...

Heather I wonder if you work for my bank..

I HATE BANKS and if I could have it my way I would pile all my money under a mattress and never deal with one again.

10:03 pm  
Blogger terrashmerra said...

it's the same when you call information for someone's phone number here, you get someone in india who doesn't have a clue what the city names are or anything. i always feel like i end up giving more information to them than they ever give to me.

10:51 pm  
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Blogger london cokehead said...

Spam fuckers .. sorry people ...comment thingy back on !!

12:48 am  
Blogger Doom/Blondie said...

most impressed with the design on your new site.

peace and love

4:22 am  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Thanks mate ... Twas a lot of work in my spare time , what I get of it !!

4:26 am  
Blogger Doom/Blondie said...

do you ever fucking sleep - it is 4:40? oh yeah - and check my comments for a question to you.

4:40 am  
Blogger ty bluesmith said...

too drunk to understand post. be back tomorrow

5:12 am  
Blogger ty bluesmith said...

saturn of houston.

dear lord.

5:12 am  

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