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Friday, October 21, 2005

Moving mince !!

Sooo , we've been moving the studio for the last couple of days which has been a fukin nightmare .. Imagine moving house and then add a mixing desk ( big heavy shit ) and about four miles of cable and you'll sorta get the Idea ..... Headache ..

It's all going into storage for a month and then into a new home in West London ... So for a month or so I'll be entertaining clients in my home studio at well , eeerrr , home !! .. ( Oh shit better tidy up then, looks around and freaks out a bit !!! )

Anyway that's gonna be tough coz I can't obviously have the same noise levels in the house .. And those clients just love to make noise !!

Tues band night was a complete washout ... Two great bands who forgot one thing .. " You have to invite a fukin crowd to have a good gig you fukin idiots !!! " . Nobody and I mean nobody turned up , just me , the bands and some photographer bird .. Still , I don't care , I still get fukin paid !!

Band person , " Can we pay you a bit less coz nobody turned up "

Me , " No way hozey matey boy "

Band person , " But that's gonna leave us a it short "

Me , " I'm sorry mate but that's just not the way it works in my book , I don't get paid anymore when there's 5000 people , soo , why the fuck should I get paid any less when no one turns up , to which I might add that the attendance has nothing to do with me mate , I just turn up and do my job !!! , Nope , Sorry mate your just gonna have to take it on the chin this time laddo !! "

Got paid !!

So what's in store for the weekend , well tonight it's the club and then tomorrow I'm meeting up with Little Mistress and we're off to a residential studio in the Home Counties ... My mate J is recording his new album and were gonna drop in for a bit of a rock n roll sesh !!

Should be fun , J's totally off his rocker and a right laugh .. He's the sort of guy that if you ever go traveling with him you are garanteed to be stopped and strip searched at customs , happens every fukin time , the guy just has "i'm a drug dealing rockstar " , written all over his face ( which he is , but hey !! ) .. Blesss !!

So I'm looking forward to Sat , It'll be nice to be hanging out in a studio and not be working for a change , Although I'm sure I'll get roped in , nevermind that's just the nature of the job !!

Ok ... So I'm off to get some food now , fancy some Thai ...Me kom grum pow fuck pad Thai stuff .. Whatever !!

Can't believe you lot don't know what mince is .... I think you call it ground beef , Ok , It's cow put through a mincing machine ( What's a fukin mincing machine ?? )

Ok for the silly people out there ...

Mince 101 : A PhD postgraduate study

Are you with me now !!

What the fuck do you lot make Spaghetti bolognese from ?

Recycled McDonalds I guess ??

And for all you vegetarians and vegans out there who thought that was completely fukin inappropriate ..

" Londoncokehead your a completely fukin horrible person so you are and I'm telling teacher !! "

A peace offering ....

Ok world , look out , i'm comin to get ya !!!!

Bye ..


Blogger what's_my_line? said...

Mince: A brilliant presentation in home economics. See what you learn when you travel? I haven't had mince on toast in ages.

2:51 pm  
Blogger J said...


tough with the cables man, pain felt.

mmm recycled mc donalds. ha

5:18 pm  
Blogger Shelli said...

Aww oh how Ive missed my favorite London Blogger! Been busy, blech...and unable to keep up with blogs...

But I am here now dammit, and Im smiling.

Mince meat is just sooo odd. I have no desire to touch the stuff let alone put the shit in my mouth. But,great graphic anyway! ha!

Good luck with the move!


8:28 pm  
Blogger ty bluesmith said...

[huge smiles]

8:43 pm  
Blogger sheriff of nothing said...

A cauliflower is no fucking peace offering!
Mince is horrible, the smell when it is frying ewwwww, but it is such a useful 'thing'

9:36 pm  
Blogger LTNA said...

Never had "mince on toast." That's limey food. (Ha!) But mince meat= chopped meat= ground beef, and every blue-blooded Yank knows what that is. Sorry-- no cute graphics here!

6:28 am  
Blogger Chris said...

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1:41 am  
Blogger SCHRmm said...

thanks for the cauliflower...the lesson in mince was very educational.

12:53 pm  
Blogger velvetbabe said...


mince=ground beef

or slang--"hamburger!" meat

(altho not made from ham!)

you lot!

i have only macs too!

BG? = antichrist? LOLOLOL!


6:04 am  

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