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Monday, May 02, 2005

My thought's on death ( but not all of them tho ) ...

Sooo , Interesting weekend , ran the club Friday , usual shit , different night !! . Got home , slept , got up , rang the dealer , went to Portobello road , met some mates in the pub who were still at it from the night before !! , got high , nearly fell over, and went and did the death duty thing with J .. You know it's hard to deal with a mate in that sort of situation .. she was complaining that nobody is being " there " for her , even though we all are !! ... Everybody ran a mile from me when I lost my parent's and now for the first time I can see why , it's really opened my eyes ...

My thought's ...

Fact 1 : People find it incredibly difficult to deal with death ... even more so when it's not directly connected to them ( as in the case of a friend ) ..

Fact 2 : They will do anything to avoid you and your loss ( because it's all too much to deal with and might spoil my o so fukin happy day !!! )

Fact 3 : And this one's hard to deal with people ... ( actually I can't write this one down , coz I can't put it into words without it sounding wrong and me sounding like a selfish bastard , sorry !!! ) ...

Fact 4 : I guess we all know we've got it coming , but we'll deal with it later !!!!

Jeez louise this is a morbid post !!!

Enough allready !!!!

On a more positive note : Left J , sunday morning , met up with T , rang the man , got wasted and invented the Benny scale of fuckedness !!!!!!

See above !!!!!


Blogger Cori said...

It's true- it sucks but it's true. You join a lonely club when your parents die young-

4:37 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Yep , welcome to Orphan's R us !!!

1:08 pm  

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