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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Double Bubble Toil and Trouble !! ( sic )

Yeh !! , I'm one thousand hits old , how cool is that ...

Technology is mad , I"ve just been talking to my mate in New York with VOIP , at the same time he's streaming me the video of his gig on Thursday night .. That's fukin nuts ... If you were to tell someone ten years ago that this would be the future , they would have told you to fuck right off !!! .

Sooo I'm meeting up with my Lady Witch friends tonight , haven't seen them in ages , and there taking me to a secret location party thing , I'm intrigued to say the least . Last time we met up , I didn't get home for three days , and spent a day in bed with two of them , which was fun , but also hard fukin work I can tell you !! ... There so cute though how could I ever possibly resist . Actually come to think of it I didn't have much choice ( errmm !! ) ... I can see them now , dancing round the bed like little minx's on happy sex juice .. O dear what am I letting myself in for .. Must get home by tomorrow night tho , I have shit to do . Yeah like that's going to happen !@££$%@..

I'll report back soon .

I know this is going to be a mad one , I can feel it ..

Calling the man , can I have extra tomato sauce with that please ?? ...

Listening to : Radio Head / Amnesiac ( Pyramid song ) , you Boy's nearly make me cry ... Fukin genius Lads , fukin , genius.!!!!

Skin up !!!


Blogger Clublint said...

It is amazing how far we've come technologically. I remember seeing 2001 a Space Odyssey and seeing people talking on video phones and being amazed. Now I do it every day in chat.


2:48 pm  

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