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Friday, April 29, 2005

P is for complete Prick !!!

So I went and stayed with my mate J last night , we were up till six in the morning talking and throwing back vodka like there was no tomorrow , I think she's ok . It's one hell of a trip when you lose someone that close ... I left this afternoon to go to work , she was surrounded by her Austrian relatives all staring into space !!! . A lot got said last night and it made me realise a few things too and also reminded me of the day my Dad died and the fucked up events surrounding it .... It's about time I told somebody about this ...

So I'm in the studio working with this guy P.. ( I would love to name and shame this prick , but in doing so I could reveal my own identity !! ) , doing Music for T.V. adverts for blue chip companies , HSBC , BMW , McDonalds, blagh blagh blagh !!! Fukin good work if you can get it , were talking like 10-20,000 quid a month here !!! , anyway I come off the phone after getting the " your dad has just died !!!! " call and I'm in a state of shock to say the least , and P.. walks back into the studio , anyway the conversation goes a little like this ...

HIM : "Are you all right , you look a little pale ? "

ME : " No i'm so far from all right mate my Dad's fukin dead " ..

Him : " O shit mate , I'm, really sorry , it happens to the best of us "

Me : " listen I'm gonna go home mate , I can't work "

Him : " Errr errr , no mate we've got this deadline to work "

Me : " Mate my Dad 's fukin dead "

Him : " yeah but we can't let this client down "

Me : " MATE !!! my DAD"S just fukin died "

Him : " yeah but the client "

Me : " Fuck the Fukin client , I'm in no fukin mood to write fukin happy fukin burger fukin music at the fukin moment thank you very fukin much !!! " ..

Him : " mate , I really can't deal with letting this client down "

At this point I fukin explode !!!

ME : " "

Him : " o yeah well thanks a fukin bunch mate " ..

I walk out of the studio in disbelief and go home ( via the boozer ) ...

The Cunt ( and I do not underestimate the use of this word !!! ) , never call's me again ...

Fukin piece if shit !!!

His P.A. makes me wait fukin month's for the rest of the money i'm due from him as well ...


I saw this guy at a party about three month's ago ...

Him : " I've really missed you " , meaning , " I'm not landing the big contracts by myself anymore "

Me : " Take your fukin adverts and stick them right up your arse you cunt , sideways !!! "

Some people are just fukin unbelievable !!!!

Bed !!

Night !!!


Blogger Angie said...

Prick is putting it nicely. I'm real sorry for what you went thru, and what your friend is now going thru.

7:08 am  
Blogger Doom/Blondie said...

Damn, that dude sounds like a total loser

1:47 pm  
Blogger stressqueen said...

When that guy loses someone close to him, he'll think of what he did to you and maybe realise what a selfish wanker he was.

11:38 pm  
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