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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Be cool D , " no really can you ? "

Hoorah !!! . Finished work for the week .. So tomorrow I can chill , do some washing , have a nice lunch , just generally have a fukin me day.. Superb .. Today was stressfull , I'm trying to work and the phone just won't stop ringing .. Ring fukin ring !! , " can you get me tickets for " , "can you get me on the guest list for " , " can you introduce me to " , " can you " , "can you " , "can you " , can you all just fuck the fuck off , i'm trying to mix a fukin tune here people, already !!! ....

Zero days left to detox , I'm gonna get fukin slaughtered tomorrow night , no more fukin Evien for me !!!

Soo meeting everyone at a private members bar for my mate H's pre wedding drink , so it's going to be a jollyup of gargantuan proportion ... she's not inviting us to the wedding ( where all far too mad for that ) , grown ups and music people really don't mix to well ... we live in a sort of parallel universe to the rest of planet earth , us and those goofy film type bods ...

Lots of people , I haven't seen in ages , lot's of things for us to see , me and you , you and me ( doo doo --- doo doo .. )..

Funny really the last time I was at that club was about eight years ago , I was with my ex ex D , at the time we were skint and had saved up for a big night out , and were on the roof terrace and It's a beautiful evening , you know sun setting , really still air , lovely , anyway D get's out the drugs and lays them on the table , racks out about eight lines, puts the wrap to one side ... and then from absolutely fukin nowhere this gust of wind descends from the heavens and blows the fukin lot out onto the street below , Fuck , Fuck and double Fuck , talk about a fukin show stopper mate !! then we had a row , " I'm not god dearest , I didn't order the fukin wind " , and went home. Do not pass go , do not get high , go straight to the dog house , no supper ....

So I think tomorrow night can be a tribute to that splendid memory of D's non-ability to stay cool under extreme moments of shitness !!!! Yeah , I like that !!

Bring it in ....

Listening to .. The Flamingo's " I only have eye's for you "

And I do of course , That's if you happen to be fit and stood right in front of me !!

where's the urb !!


Blogger Doom/Blondie said...

This blog is totally fucking insane.

Take that as a compliment, my man.

... Absolutely fucking insane.


6:04 am  
Blogger Doom/Blondie said...

Consider yourself Blogrolled you crazy motherfucker

6:21 am  
Blogger london cokehead said...

feeling the love Doom kid , i'm reading your's and returning the complement man !!!

10:31 am  
Blogger Paige said...

ahhh this is fantastic...!

I agree with lord of doom, this is halarious and I love it!
(I will return once I am done studying for exams tonight..)

5:03 pm  

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