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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Pissed rantings

So yeah full moon coming , we all get lighter , so therefore ??? , been out for two day's , slept with the singer I'm hiring at the mo ( not good ) , never mix .... Trouble ahead .. I must tell you about this guy I meet on the train, a rev , we had this mad conversation about religion , I'm sorta agnostic , my sister sets up churches in Scotland but I think it's all bullshit , I aint that Nieve ( can't spell ) , you can't tellme that all this is the creation of one being , it's far to random .. I would like to think , that if there was a god and I got to the gates of heaven , that he would be wise enough to understand why I don't believe ( if you know what I mean??? ) I'm pissed .. can't believe I shagged the singer , oops

Bed ..



Blogger Asian Provocateur said...

this post is too fucking funny!!

8:47 am  
Anonymous hannah said...

ha ha, we all make mistakes eh?
hope it was worth it ;) and that you're laughing....

I will really look forward to your music and if you need any help with your website let me know, cos that's what I do in between drinking tea and smoking cigarettes (I design webs for spiderman) (that's my dog's name)...

and it's n-a-i-v-e ...

I'll be enjoying the full moon at Club Warehouse, the land of lost souls, the Prehab of North London.

Make sure you eat good today, it's important :) there's something in the air can ya feel it?

9:51 am  
Anonymous hannah said...

PS You'll make a great buddhist one day

9:53 am  

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