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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Tea and sleaze

Sooo, the club was absolutely heaving again last night, I guess the new sound system and the touched up paint scheme are doing the job. For some reason it was really fukin sleazy in there, the punters were totally on one. Every knook and cranny was filled with some couple virtually eating each other alive? Everywhere!

(Warning...geeky bit!) The bass on the rig was sounding a bit woolly, so I (as an experiment) ran the whole thing in parallel (mono), shifted the crossover up to around 240hz and backed off the limiters so they kicked in at around 110db. Result: The whole fukin club was shaking like a idling F1 car with alzheimer's

Go on my son!!

It was going off in there

It made such a difference

There was this one bloke who was being devoured by these two fit as fuck blondes behind the Dj booth. I saw him walk out with them both later on. Nice breakfast, Lucky fuker!

It's difficult remaining monogamous to your girl when A. You haven't seen her for a month (She's coming to stay on Tues for a couple of days) B. The clubs going wild, and C. you're running a venue full of 20 year old, fit as you like barmaids, who you all know, all get on with and they're all flirting like there's no tomorrow.

It's not even a full moon?

Damn this job

I've been faithfull though

Just about...

Sooo, next week is my Birthday, and ( looking at the old diary) I've gone and done a stupid thing. I've booked myself in to do bands on every bloody night apart from Wednesday?? Guess I wasn't thinking. Doh!

Good news is that I haven't done any drugs for a week or so now, and cos I'm working, I won't have time to do any next week either which is a bonus. I don't do drugs around Sweedy girl, so I'll not be pushing the boat out on my birthday either. I'm sick of being with girls who just know me as a coke whore, it all eventually ends in tears. Having a girl you don't get fucked up with all the time kinda keeps you in check.

I ain't fixed yet though, by a long shot!

Oh fuck...I've just dropped my ipod headphones in my cuppa tea!!


Hold on...


They're mashed

Fuck it! I'll just by a new pair..

I read a superb email from my mate B (who's DJ'ing in China) the other day

"Ying Tong ying tong!

Whats news man?

Off to the great wall today, lets see if i can push it over! "


Right, I'm off to buy some new bloody headphones!



Blogger Ghostboy said...

Does your girl read your blog dude?

It's becoming way too hard to manage them with the rise and rise of social networking/blogging and what not. There's just no privacy or secrecy anymore!

Blatently a spoof! ;)

5:37 am  
Blogger london cokehead said...


2:02 pm  
Anonymous liz said...

Hi there,
You sound like everything was fine with you.That´s the kinda stuff I wanna read here.
I´ve moved to Germany for a while and just wanted to ask if Germans would know how to dance at seem kinda professional, you may know the answer.
From what I saw last night in a few clubs I would say they don´t.
(Welcome to the West, Liz.)
I also wish you a Happy Birthday, Mr Cokehead. Is it somewhere hidden in your blog how old you are...?

9:52 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

"I´ve moved to Germany for a while.."


Unless you have a PhD in correctness, or a BA in 'how to porn shag women like you have a jack hammer up your arse' Germany is a waste of time

I do think dancing isn't a generic racial trait dear, you either do or you don't, although from my experience Germany is not the market leader in bop techinques.

Unless, of course, you Waltz!

Is it somewhere hidden in your blog how old you are.


But I guess I'm a third of the way up the hill!!

Anyway It's rude to ask a gentleman his age.


12:01 am  
Blogger mdhatter said...

Swedish Girl returns?

Right on ya laddie.

10:38 pm  

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