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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Oil blow you up then?

Will the American government ever ever stop blowing people up? The answer is probably a straight forward no!

For fucks sake...

Just a quicky today as I'm in the studio with C, the compilation is nearly finished, so were gonna quickly go over it and then write a new track.

I caught one half of the Eastern Europeans coming out the door this morning as I was going to get some milk from the shop and I'm like: "So I hear you're moving out."

Him (giving me a really puzzled look and pretending not to speak good English): " I not sure "

Me (Speaking very good English) : "Well my friends coming to look at the flat on Sunday mate"

He's not really, but a bit of additional pressure to rid us of these fuckers won't go a miss.

Him: " O "

Me: " Yeah he's got the deposit and wants to move straight in mate"

Him: " I not understand! "

Yeah yeah, you understand perfectly mate, don't give me that shit. I hope these fuckers aren't thinking of making a stand, I just don't need to be living around a moody atmosphere.

Anyway, I think they're getting the message.

For anyone out there thinking 'We'll they do have rights you know Mr Cokehead!'

No they don't, they're staying illegally in our country, and they ain't paying any rent!

Right, I'd better get on , I have work to do

Crazzy fukin coaster!!

Jumping the eye



Anonymous Anonymous said...

mr lch v un pc of you to not give a shite what you say about the eastern europeans, but also v wrong to group them all together.
granted you drew the short straw with your neighbours, but some of them are o.k.. One of them did get up the duff a bit on purpose with one of my mates but they are not all bad, honest !!

3:09 pm  
Anonymous liz said...

Hi there, it's me from Eastern ( Fukin) Europe.
I think the area is A MESS and you can't throw stones on people living here for being sneaky and rude as this is the only way they can survive.

3:15 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

"Some of them are o.k"

Yes, some..

And... PC is not my middle name on this subject to be honest.

9:00 pm  
Anonymous jesus said...

you sound like a twat


12:18 pm  

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