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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Sound gear...

Sooo, I was doing bands till late last night. I'm a bit knackerd. Couple of ( dare I say it)really good indie bands as it turns out, the headliners brought their own engineer who got a shit hot drum sound, so I didn't have to do a lot really apart from rig and de-rig.

Kinda nice when a band brings an engineer that can actually do the job, there are a lot of blaggers out there who haven't a clue about sound, an awful lot.

Yep, so I kicked back last night in the office and ordered a load of new gear for the venue (XLR leads, lighting stuff, DI boxes, mics, the usual shit really)

When we had the venue painted a few weeks ago, one of the painters must have knocked a cable up in the lighting rig and then tried to reconnect it himself, but he's connected the damn thing up wrong, now...half the lights won't work from the DMX controller. So tomorrow little old me has the privilidged job of finding the bloody break and fixing it, which, to be honest, is a bastard of a job. It'll either take me five minutes (if i'm lucky) or the whole day (which will probably be the case) I had a quick look last night, but no joy? Plus, it's absolutely filthy dirty up there, but it's gotta be done.

I'm having today off though which is a bonus.

What else? Oh yeah, the new venue me and my mate S are building is looking good. The lease is all signed, the Council are in their final meetings (residents objections, fire regs etc.) and it's now just up to us to convince them that the sound proofing we're installing is up to spec and then it'll be 'every man on deck' as we set sail in building the thing.

Me and S and an acoustic specialist are due to land there in the next couple of weeks to temporarily install a sound system and find out what's good and what's bad about the venue. Best to do it before the final build as acoustic problems can be a headache and a half to sort out once all the gear is installed.

We we're supposed to do this before Christmas, but non of us had the time, silly season an' all that.

I'm getting quite excited about it all really

Ok, I'm off out to get some food




Anonymous Anonymous said...

so i'm new to london, and i stumbled onto your blog. I was wondering where you look to hear about bands, DJ's and such. seems like alot of the stuff i found covers the shite top forty. I'm from NY and lost all my venues, websites, and various blogs i read about to find good live music. from the sound of your posts it seems like you'd listen to interesting music, could you list a couple of your favorite places to find out about or specific venues to catch good bands and/or DJ's. I'm a student engineer/producer over here for a few months and studying music and engineering. if you could blog it, or send it to nrs249 _ @ _ thanks, or as yall say here "Cheers" or whatever. peace

11:24 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

nothing to say, all day not to say it.

7:53 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

You talkin bout yourself again.

2nd comment

I love these Annon comments, stand up, at least have the balls to be counted!

Bet you woudn't fuck if you were right in front of me?

4:49 am  

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