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Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Superham swimming club

Dear Mr Sainsbury Supermarket person, please can you make my five slices (it says on the packet) of taste the happyjoyness Wiltshire, pepper soaked, bred in an organic 13th-century tithe barn (with a nice waterwheel and some old stuff ) , cured for 3 decades (then cured some more... for a bit) salt free unsmoked and then re-smoked (again) superior feel the freshness supertasty bionic ham that teeny tiny bit thicker, so I don't mistake them for the cellophane wrapping and chuck them in the bin.

It would be nice...Thank you!

The club was sooo rammed last night that the ceiling was dripping in condensation, the floor was like a swimming pool, and a good time was had by all...apart from the staff. Jeez I was glad when we hit the house lights!

I was completely knackered when I got in last night at 5.30 am, but today I have off, so I'm eating my ham sandwich, drinking my cup of tea, them I'm off down the pub to get pissed with the locals.

And that's about the size of that for now


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