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Monday, January 15, 2007

The Anti DUI button

I love this iphone spoof, cheers anon for the link.

Talking of really useful new mobile phone features (take note phone manufacturers of the world, i'm fukin serious about this.)

I want somebody to incorporate into a mobile phone, the (big drum roll) 'Anti DUI button'.

(DUI = Dialing under the influence, but you know that right?)

Sooo, the anti DUI or the ADB button if you will

Confused? I'll explain: Right, you select a group of numbers you commonly ring when you shouldn't but want to keep hold of the numbers (for some apparently strange and mystical reason) i.e. drug dealers, ex girlfriends, co-workers, relatives etc. etc.

Then...when you're about to go to a party or down the pub or you're on the brink of a bender, you just hit the anti DUI button and voila!! It won't let you ring this group of numbers for say 8 hours, just enough to time sobber up, just enough time to be out of the danger zone and just enough time to avoid committing those catastrophicly wonderful fuck ups, therefore; no more guilty "Oh my gawd what the fuck did I do that for last night" moments!

In fact, I would have used it just the other night.

The anti DUI button.

It'll make life that bit easier...

Well my life anyway.

Interesting article from the Beeb about the writers of Lost discussing what to do for the end of the series. That's the problem really, right there in a nutshell. We all 'lost' interest when we realised you lot were just making it all up as it went along. Kinda took the edge off for me as it stumbled along blindly for like, 8 episodes. Give it to me, I'll jazz the sodding thing up!


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Anonymous tinsticky said...

I suppose it was easier when there were only telephone boxes and you couldn´t get the numbers together anyway. I sometimes "forgot" my own number. :-))

7:11 pm  
Blogger mdhatter said...

that idea is so 2006.

I love my npr.

so the question is, ya gonna get one?

12:41 am  

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